NWA08 – Interview With Stuart Townend

I had the pleasure of interviewing Stuart Townend today. Stuart is based in Church of Christ the King, a Newfrontiers church in Brighton, UK, which is also home to Phatfish, Paul Oakley, and Terry Virgo.Here is an abridged and adapted version of that interview. The entire interview can be accessed at the end of this post and is well worth listening to in its entirety. Stuart was a joy to interview and clearly passionate about worship and doctrine.AdrianHow are you finding the … [Read more...]

NWA08 – Mike Ovey on Humanity

Mike Ovey is the new principal of Oak Hill Theological College. His seminar was billed as one that would be more “stretching,” which drew me in like a moth to light. New Word Alive certainly seemed to be familiar with substantial and weighty teaching, which is very encouraging to see.We began by being asked to do some of the work ourselves. Mike pointed us to Psalm 8 and asked us to consider what it tells us about the place of mankind in God's creation. God is a wonderful creator, but also has gi … [Read more...]

NWA08 – Don Carson on 1 John, Part 1

This morning the expositional Bible teaching by Don Carson is totally packed. It was only by begging help from a steward that I got in. I think I’ve taken almost the last available seat in the entire main celebration event. Fortunately his talk will be repeated later this morning. It is exciting to see so many people gathered for a verse-by-verse examination of an entire New Testament book. I will have to get here earlier tomorrow morning to ensure I get a seat!We began by reading some verses f … [Read more...]

NWA08 – Audio Impressions from Participants

This MP3 is of two brief conversations I had with ordinary attenders of the event after the first meeting of the conference. We speak about the different streams of activity and their feelings about the conference so far. The best way to get the audio is to subscribe to my new podcast, or you can download it here. … [Read more...]

NWA08 – Terry Virgo Preaching on Grace

If you listened to my podcast, you heard me say the conference site seemed full of students. The reason why this was the case was because I arrived so late that the first adult celebration was well underway. In fact, the worship was almost over by the time I got into the tent.I love worshiping God in a tent. I guess this goes back to my childhood, when I attended Bible Weeks, not to mention the family heritage of being the grandson of a tent-preacher. Worship was being led by some familiar … [Read more...]

NWA08 – My First Audio Impressions

If you are following along with these posts one-by-one, you will already have seen the video I took along the road to Pwllheli, and also my photos of the journey. Upon my arrival here, I thought I would record some of my very first impressions, made within minutes of parking my car. I must have made a funny sight, muttering into my iPod with its plug-in microphone, while walking along, dragging a Walt Disney World suitcase. (Yes, we did buy so much stuff on our recent trip there that we needed … [Read more...]

NWA08 – Photos On The Road to Pwllheli

[Read more...]

NWA08 – Video On The Road to Pwllheli in North Wales

Lambs, snow, mountains, and streams. It sure beats sitting nose-to-bumper in London traffic!This was a truly awesome journey, which I made to the accompaniment of Handel's Messiah. Somehow the music seemed suitably grand and majestic for the scenery.Amazingly, I had my first sighting of sheep at the very same moment that "Behold the Lamb of God" began. A lump appeared in my throat. Somehow the baby lambs looked so innocent. How amazing that the innocent Lamb of God would willingly die … [Read more...]

NWA08 – A Conference Is Born

I can hardly believe it! New Word Alive is suddenly no longer a far off event to which we can look forward, but is now upon us. By the time you read this, all the preparations will have been made and the long car journeys completed. Usually at a conference like this there are two groups of attenders—old hands who feel like they are part of the furniture, and the newbies. This time we are all first-timers since, while New Word Alive has roots in what has gone before, it truly is a new b … [Read more...]