FREE The Gospel Coalition Network from The City NOW OPEN

I can exclusively announce that the all-new and FREE Gospel Coalition Network website opened just a few minutes ago. The kind people running it have offered blog readers like you the chance to be first in line to join.If you already know what this is all about, then feel free to just follow one of the links below depending on which continent you're on, since this genuinely is a global offer. Don't worry, you will have access to the whole community no matter where you live. Then, do feel free to … [Read more...]

Liam Goligher Video Interview

Interview With Liam Goligher from Adrian Warnock on Vimeo.One of my favorite memories from this year's New Word Alive is meeting Liam Goligher. If you only want to watch one video from the event, watch this one. I am thrilled that this is the post I am sharing with you on my sixth blog anniversary (it was the 16th April 2003 when this journey began!)Liam and I have spoken on the phone before, and from the first call I immediately knew that he was a real defender of the gospel. I heard … [Read more...]

Interview With Keith Getty – Co-Writer Of In Christ Alone

Keith Getty - Writer of In Christ Alone from Adrian Warnock on Vimeo.Keith and I spoke about music styles, working with Stuart Townend, with whom he wrote "In Christ Alone," and the role of worship songs in teaching theology, among other things. … [Read more...]

Easter Wouldn't Be Easter Without A Row About The Atonement

The battle lines continue to be clearly drawn despite the best efforts to be "charitable" to both sides by those who try to occupy the middle ground. In an outrageous newspaper article which only cites one Bible verse and even that out of context, Giles Fraser declares "What vicious God would demand Jesus sacrificed for our sins? We should ditch this view of Easter"I am not surprised by the strong language used by the opponents of the view of the cross generally called "penal substitutionary … [Read more...]

Raised With Christ and Lifted – Two Books On The Resurrection

Raised With Christ and Lifted - Two Books On The Resurrection from Adrian Warnock on Vimeo.Books on the resurrection are a little like buses. Wait ages for any to show up and all of a sudden two turn up at the same time. Here Sam Allberry and I speak about our books on the resurrection, and why we both agree this is such an important subject. If you are interested in more information on the resurrection this Easter, The Evangelical Alliance Slipstream site have some great podcasts on the … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Stuart Townend, Co-Writer of In Christ Alone

Stuart Townend Interview from Adrian Warnock on Vimeo.Filmed at New Word Alive 2009, this is an interview with leading song writer Stuart Townend, who is one half of the team that composed "In Christ Alone". Stuart and I had a lot of fun, and spoke a bit about what its like for us being at an event like this. We also spoke about worship, and music styles. He explained his interest in folk music, talking about how the melody is much more prominent than in other styles. … [Read more...]

Liam Goligher on Jonah 3

There are two miracles. One is God using Jonah. The second is God working in the city. Jonah has already seen God at work in saving himself, and the sailors have also been saved. Tomorrow we will see him at work in Jonah himself.There is a “giant test motive” everything in this book is on a grand scale. Huge task. The fear was great. The storm was overwelming and the city was humungous. The repentance was total. Its beyond our comprehension. It communicates that our sin is big, God’s mercy is bi … [Read more...]

Graham Daniels On The Parable of the Banquet Luke 14

A few things happened before we get to our passage. First Jesus heals someone with dropsy on the Sabbath, no less. Later, someone speaks to Jesus, and he just blanked him. Jesus sees to the heart. The message is that you accept a general invitation but when the specific invite comes you treat it with contempt.The master sends out for the poor, blind and lame. He is angry. They had said yes, but it was all a lie. Get out to the people who wouldn’t normally be invited. Make them come in. They are s … [Read more...]

Jonah 2 By Liam Goligher

At the beginning of his talk Liam confessed to his love of 24, which I share. At risk of making him as pleased as punch, I can report that people twittering from the event reckon he actually looks a bit like Jack Bauer! As soon as Jonah hit the water, the storm ended, and the sailors were safe. His God must be powerful, so they worshipped him. We see God’s salvation in operation in action in Jonah’s life.Salvation of JonahIntroduction of the big fish, and mentioned in the conclusion. In between t … [Read more...]

Interview – Nathan and Lou Fellingham of Phatfish

Nathan and Lou Fellingham of Phatfish from Adrian Warnock on Vimeo.This is an interview with Nathan and Lou Fellingham of Phatfish filmed at New Word Alive 2009. Louise was in a cheeky mood and we had a good time talking about their forthcoming albumn, what its like to be a mum and a member of a band, and how they both found New Word Alive. For more information about this wonderful family band, see the Phatfish website where you can buy CDs of their music or my interview with Nathan from … [Read more...]