INTERVIEW: Wayne Grudem on Politics and the Christian

This is an extract of a video interview, the rest of which will be shared on the blog later on.  In light of our current election campaign, I thought it would be especially relevant for British readers to watch this right now. Wayne does not specifically address the UK's political choice, but rather we speak about errors Christians make with regards to politics.  I believe it is vital that Christians are more engaged in politics here in Britain.  This is a crucial election with regards to our co … [Read more...]

Matt Chandler on leadership in London, UK

As this post was only up on the site for a short time before New Word Alive, and it might have got buried among all the other posts, I thought I would bring it back up to the top for a while in case you missed it first time round.  We do have some places left for this event, so it would be great to see you there if you are free.  I am going to check out for a few days and will hopefully start posting some interviews after the weekend.If you are in any form of leadership in a church or a p … [Read more...]

New Word Alive bloggers and twitterers

At New Word Alive we had a meet-up session for bloggers and twitterers. I promised to share the list here, so do check out these sites:BLOGSAdrian Warnock http://adrianwarnock.comSam Allberry http://stallberry.wordpress.comAdrian Johnson http://www.adrian-johnson.comJubilee Centre http://www.jubilee-centre.orgPhil Harman Stevens and Hannah Malcolm http://www.purposefulpurity.blogspot.comSammy … [Read more...]

NWA10 – New Word Alive Reflections

I thought I would publish here the article I wrote for the final on-site newspaper for New Word Alive: For me one of the key things about New Word Alive is the opportunity it gives us to demonstrate our unity. There are probably speakers and worship leaders here who you haven’t heard of because they come from a different stream, which is certainly true for me. This overlapping of gospel-loving streams is really important. But it’s definitely not just about what happens on stage and in the mee … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW with Sam Parker of Soul Survivor

This interview took place at New Word Alive, where Sam was one of the worship leaders:How did you get involved in leading worship?I joined Soul Survivor when I was eighteen, taking a year out. I got involved in worship.  Worship was always something I was interested in, even since I was five. I went to a conference, possibly with Ishmael, and ever since then I wanted to worship Jesus through music.  I still remember the first time I led worship in a small Anglican church when I was younger.  … [Read more...]

NWA10 – Hugh Palmer on 1 Thessalonians, part 4

Here are my notes from the final session I attended at New Word Alive, except for the bloggers' session:Everyone needs a theology. Many people see all kinds of negative connotations to that word, e.g. that it is “heavy.”  It is not doctrine instead of experience. It is not theology instead of how to live life better. We can’t leave theology to the experts. God doesn’t want understanding to be locked away in some ivory tower. We must live in the good of it. Without theology I am at the me … [Read more...]

NWA10 – Lindsay Brown on Mission

Lindsay Brown spoke on Friday evening about mission, which he defined as  “proclaiming the truth, wonder, and power of the gospel by word and deed.”Some argue that mission is only for those who feel called or are really keen. But the God of the OT is a missionary God. Though there is a people of God, many foreigners are reached out to.  Psalm 96 shows there is a link between worship and mission. You cannot separate them. The Christ of the Gospels is a missionary Christ. The Spirit of the book o … [Read more...]

NWA10 – Rebecca Manley Pippert, author of “Out of the Saltshaker”

Richard Cunningham interviewed Rebecca Manley Pippet from Salt Shaker Ministries one evening at New Word Alive about evangelism in place of a sermon.She spoke about how “torpedo evangelism” was not helpful. She gave the example of a woman who quite literally threw a gospel tract at her once.People are afraid of evangelism.We are afraid of offending. Becky’s recommendation is to try beginning the conversation by telling the person, “Look, I want to tell you about Jesus, but I am afraid I wi … [Read more...]

NWA10 – Hugh Palmer on 1 Thessalonians, part three

In the third session on Thessalonians, Hugh honed right in on our purity. He urged all of us listening to make a decision to stop playing games with God. He warned us that if we reject the teaching on sexual purity we are not rejecting our preacher, or even Paul, but God himself.But as Hugh explains, Paul begins by saying, "Be what you have been made by God." We start with the gospel, but then must live in light of what God has done to us in saving us.God intends for us to be transformed.  … [Read more...]

NWA10 – Hugh Palmer on 1 Thessalonians part two

One of the features of New Word Alive is the series of Bible readings which, over the course of each morning, covers a book. This year Hugh Palmer is covering 1 Thessalonians. I missed the opening session which focused on how the word was being twisted and assaulted in Paul’s day.Hugh began by speaking of the intolerance against Christians happening right now in the UK, the likes of which we would never have imagined. Christianity and British culture have drifted apart. Hugh said that he h … [Read more...]