NWA10 – Wayne Grudem on Scripture

There is no more foundational subject than the doctrine of Scripture.  All the current theological arguments that are causing such disruption in the Church today stem from a lack of confidence in the authority of Scripture. There is no systematic teacher of God's word who I would rather hear on the subject of why we can trust the Bible. To see a marquee rammed full of people of all ages gathering to listen to Wayne Grudem as he endeavored to increase our confidence in God's Word was … [Read more...]

NWA10 – Graham Daniels on Psalm 19

I decided to attend the students' event on my first evening at New Word Alive. This was partly because I wanted to pretend I was young again, but largely because I arrived too late for the "Adult" celebration.  Here are some brief notes I took during the session:V1 ff Gods glory in creation Psalms tell us god is enormous though we think he's small, and we are small tho we think we are enormous.God is a God of joy who rejoices in his creation. The message of Psalms is it's God's way or our … [Read more...]

NWA10 – John Stephens on Psalm 42

Yesterday evening I went to the adult celebration.  The student celebration covered the same psalm but by a different speaker.  In both cases the preacher aimed to help us to be overwhelmed in a godly way.  I heard reports of many being moved to tears during the student celebration where Nigel Styles was speaking; my good buddy and normally emotionally stable friend Sam Allberry looked quite moved afterwards when we met up. Here are my notes from the first session:This psalm is not only about … [Read more...]

NWA10 – Disconnected from the world

Here at New Word Alive until mid morning on the second day there was no Internet on the whole site except slow phone connections if you are able to find the right spot. As a direct result of this I was unable to get the following piece I wrote for the on-site newspaper to them to print. This is quite ironic considering the content below. I thought that rather than wasting it, I'd share it here though no one here will be able to read it! I suppose the advice may help some as they prepare to … [Read more...]

Unity in diversity – Rick Warren, John Piper, and New Word Alive

It seems that the Christian world is in flux right now.  Old alliances have already dissolved. New ones are being forged.  But still there is some uneasiness in many. Unexpected events can suddenly seem to threaten to bring this new house crashing down as if it was made of cards.  How do we determine who we are going to associate with?  How do we decide who to listen to?  Now that many conferences do not seem to exclusively invite speakers from their own background, how can we predict who will be … [Read more...]

NWA10 – Bloggers and twitterers meet-up: Saturday 1 PM

At New Word Alive next week you can join us for a meet-up for others who write blogs, tweet, or use Facebook like a blog. We will have an informal meet-up on Saturday at 1 PM. Why not facebook, tweet, or blog about it over the weekend to spread the word? And if you are able to, please do drop me a line to let me know if you can make it.This year, I promise to have a piece of paper (or maybe just a laptop to pass around) to gather a list of all blogs, facebookers, and tweeters that are there … [Read more...]

New Word Alive – Looking Back And Looking Forward

The last two April's I have attended New Word Alive 09 and New Word Alive 08, I have enjoyed both weeks, and there is much you can read about on my blog from those times. The New Word Alive Media has now made the audio available online. Hugh Palmer's interview of Don Carson is particularly worthy of a listen, but you can get a whole lot of other talks.Information is also available already about next year (bookings open later this month) and there is a professionally done promotional video on … [Read more...]