300 Leaders: Bob Roberts on becoming engaged in God’s world on God’s mission

You can watch the video of this talk from 300 leaders here and read my notes below:The whole world is connecting. Bob spoke of his joy at being in Jubilee Church and meeting Tope Koleoso, a leader of a multicultural church. Such connections help us learn. For example, Bob has found interacting with Muslims has helped him strengthen his thinking eg on the Trinity.Bob spoke of his beliefs about and encounter with The Holy Spirit. He learnt of the Spirit through David Wilkerson who attended … [Read more...]

Tope Koleoso on what this weeks 300 Leaders has in store

Tope has recorded a short video about this Saturdays conference. Whether you are already booked into 300 Leaders Conference, or are considering taking one of the last 30 places left, you want to watch this: … [Read more...]

How Charismatic are YOU? A Spectrum of belief and practice

Today, in the tradition of my previous Arminocalvinist Spectrum, Evolution vs Creationism Spectrum and Spectrum of belief on hell and salvation  I present a "Charismatic-cessationist spectrum."  For some more background on this issue, and a fairly typical charismatic perspective see my series of posts on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  As usual this may be a bit of a living document for a couple of days as I welcome suggestions for improvement from others.Intriguingly this spectrum is much har … [Read more...]

300 Leaders – Dave Devenish and Mike Betts

Yesterday I promised to blog about the two other speakers at the next 300 Leaders conference. Dave Devenish should be no stranger to regular readers of this blog, as I have serialised a chapter of his outstanding book Fathering Leaders, Motivating Mission, and interviewed him. His is a remarkable man who gave up a successful career in international banking to serve Jesus. Content to minister alongside Terry Virgo, he has been a massive part of what God has been doing through Newfrontiers for … [Read more...]

The next 300 Leaders event – YOU are invited

It is a real pleasure to me to let you know that Tope has invited our friend Bob Roberts to be one of three speakers at the next 300 leaders event. Bob has a message that the global church needs to hear. The church he founded has grown dramatically. Bob has helped to plant over 100 churches. He travels to places most American evangelicals wouldn't, including Vietnam and the Middle East. Bob urges both global and local engagement by every church member. He is also still very keen to learn from … [Read more...]

Guest Post – Calling all Leaders

Calling All Leaders Written by Curt McCutchan Church leaders have an ongoing need for fresh inspiration in their active lives. As leaders we are constantly in need of renewed vision, training and equipping to lead others in new or better ways and rich times in God’s presence. Leaders also need good friendships that provide joy and strength to their hectic lives. It can be a challenge to find time and resources to get these accomplished. The Equipped For Mission (EFM) Leadership Conference o … [Read more...]

TOAM Interview with David Devenish on apostles today

In this interview I ask David about his new book, Fathering Leaders, Motivating Mission.  … [Read more...]

Desiring God 2011 National Conference

Desiring God 2011 National ConferenceI have attended a DGM conference in the past, and it was a real blessing to me. I highly recommend that you consider attending it.  Among others speaking there is my friend Ed Stetzer, who I think is the Christian speaker with the broadest reach today - he gets everywhere!      The theme of this year's Desiring God National Conference is "Finish the Mission: For the Joy of All Peoples, Bringing the Gospel to … [Read more...]

TOAM Song Lists

A few people have been asking if I could share the TOAM song lists. Ever one to oblige, and thanks to my friends at Newfrontiers, here they are:Session Song AuthorMS01 Praise Is Rising Paul BalocheLet Our Praise Matt RedmanHere Is Love William Rees and Kate SimmondsOnce Again Matt RedmanYou Alone Can Rescue Matt RedmanThis Is My Desire Reuben MorganGive Us Your Courage Tim HughesMS02 See His Love Tom LockleyChristus Victor Simon BradingAgnus … [Read more...]

TOAM Interview with Steve Tibbert, author of Good to Grow

It was great to grab a few minutes with Steve Tibbert, another friend of mine who recently had a book published. You can read more about his book here on the blog.My favorite quote from this interview was "The way you build can hinder growth, but growth ultimately comes from God, God grows things, God saves people."I apologize for the audio quality on this one. Fortunately it was the only one I did outside! … [Read more...]