Links for June 17, 2006

Dave Warnock Gets to T4G Article 2Not surprisingly, he finds things with which to disagree . . .(tags: T4GB bible)"The Atonement is truly part of the hope of the Gospel: each of us was lost and condemned in our sins, but God provided a perfect sacrifice for us...He was full of wrath because we stole His glory and ignored His beauty. His wrath had to be appeased.""This is not a case of cosmic child abuse, but love on a grand scale," says Mathew Sims.(tags: atonement)Defending my Father's Wrath - … [Read more...]

Links for June 13, 2006

Fide-O on Expository PreachingDave Carlson is accused of exegetical errors over his posts on the T4G statement. Fide-O seems to be saying that if Dave would allow the text to speak rather than reading into it his own ideas, his opinions might change . . .(tags: preaching T4GB) … [Read more...]

Links for June 10, 2006

"C.S. Lewis once wrote, 'Everyone who believes in God at all believes that He knows what you and I are going to do tomorrow.' But this is precisely what open theists deny."Mathew Sims has reached Article IV of the T4G statement - he's streets ahead of the rest of us!(tags: T4GB neoliberal postmodernism) … [Read more...]

Scripture Cannot Be Broken – T4G Statement

The Authority and Inerrancy of the Bible T4G Statement, Articles I and IIArticle IWe affirm that the sole authority for the Church is the Bible, verbally inspired, inerrant, infallible, and totally sufficient and trustworthy.We deny that the Bible is a mere witness to the divine revelation, or that any portion of Scripture is marked by error or the effects of human sinfulness.Article IIWe affirm that the authority and sufficiency of Scripture extends to the entire Bible, and therefore that the … [Read more...]

Martyn Lloyd-Jones Monday – Is the Bible Totally Trustworthy?

T4G Article II"We affirm that the authority and sufficiency of Scripture extends to the entire Bible, and therefore that the Bible is our final authority for all doctrine and practice.We deny that any portion of the Bible is to be used in an effort to deny the truthfulness or trustworthiness of any other portion. We further deny any effort to identify a canon within the canon or, for example, to set the words of Jesus against the writings of Paul."_____________________________Today I want to … [Read more...]

Links for June 2, 2006

Freedom from Quiet Time Guilt"At one time or another, every sincere believer feels a deep sense of failure and the accompanying feelings of guilt and shame because he or she has failed to set aside a separate time for Bible study and prayer." HT Bob Hayton.(tags: bible prayer worship)"I recommend them all highly, without reservation. (And you know how rare it is for me to give anything an unqualified recommendation.)"Phil Johnson on the T4G sessions, which he has finished listening to on his … [Read more...]

Piper Friday – Building Our Lives on the Bible

In a sermon entitled Building Our Lives on the Bible Piper stresses the vital place of building our lives on the Bible - it seemed appropriate to share this quote with you as we have been looking at the place of doctrine and Scripture, thanks to the T4G statement challenge."We are a people of the Book. We know God through the Book. We meet Christ in the Book. We see the cross in the Book. Our faith and love are kindled by the glorious truths of the Book. We have tasted the divine majesty of the … [Read more...]

Links for May 31, 2006

Mathew Sims on the T4G Statement, Part 4(Tags: T4GB)Mathew Sims Gets to Part 5. . . and I've only posted one . . . still this T4G statement is sure making for some interesting blogging!(Tags: T4GB)"If any single quote could encapsulate why I am not a Christian, this one, by C. J. Mahaney, has to be it. The sheer, hideous inanity of a god that demands a blood sacrifice from an innocent in repayment for the sins of the guilty is beautifully captured here. It is a theology that captures the worst … [Read more...]

T4G – What's the Big Deal About Women Elders?

Mark Dever has a great post over at the T4G blog which hammers home their reasons for prioritising the complementarianism versus egalitarianism issue in their statement. You might feel that the issue of whether or not women should hold the position of elder is a relatively minor point of theology. These guys clearly do not! I am going to take the liberty of quoting the last few paragraphs of this, but do go and read it all: "Well then," you might say, "why don't you leave this issue of … [Read more...]

Links for May 30, 2006

"What we are doing right now is fighting for joy. We are fighting to believe in God and not in ourselves ... That's why we're singing right now: because we're fighting for joy in what He has done, not what we have done."Bob Kauflin at New Attitude(tags: SGM)"The Old Testament is a collection of books that can be summarized in two words: promises made ... the New Testament, a history of promises kept."Dever at New Attitude(tags: SGM dever)"There is no neutral ground. Every square inch, every … [Read more...]