Mathew Sims – T4G Blogger Extraordinaire

I don't know how I missed what this guy has been up to, but I wanted to feature Mathew Sims over here. Perhaps his blog wasn't featuring on Google Blogsearch it is now.He is fairly STORMING ahead in a romp through the T4G statement, and is an inspiration to the rest of us sluggards like me about what is possible! If you are looking for inspiration as you join the free Christian book challenge, then look no further than this series of posts . . . .T4G: Affirmation & Denials, Part 3 T4G: … [Read more...]

T4G – The Introduction and When to Give Up the Fight

Well, time flies. I can't believe it is now two weeks since I launched my challenge to blog through the T4G statement and I STILL haven't posted my own first post! I get the feeling that this is all going to take awhile. Still, I do think the document is worthy of an extended examination so it's not too late for you to hop aboard. It is not as though I have forgotten T4G, however, as a quick look at my Together for the Gospel Round-up Post (which contains links to all my posts about the … [Read more...]

Together for The Gospel Round Up Post

Here are links to all my commentary and links posts on the Together for The Gospel Conference. The blogs were so good in their coverage I almost felt like I was there! Quotes from other blogs can be found in a consolidated post for each day. I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed gathering the quotes together!The Ongoing Discussion . . .T4G Merchandising - After the mp3s, Now the Sneaker! T4G - My Response to C. J. Mahaney's Talk T4G - My Response to R. C. Sproul's Talk After T4G - … [Read more...]