Together At Butlins Session 4 – Terry Virgo

We are now drawing to a close of our weekend together, although there will still be swimming, and other activities this afternoon. I was pleased yesterday to get a fastest lap time on the gokarts of 21.150. If any of my readers were here and got a faster time, do feel free to let me know!Terry came to speak to us again on Jonah 2 and 3. Perhaps the key verse in this passage is God's word coming again to Jonah. God is glorious and holy but gives people a second chance repeatedly in the Bible. … [Read more...]

Together at Butlins 3 – Terry Virgo

Terry began by giving a report about his trip to Australia and New Zealand which really helped to put his talk into the context of a movement that spans the globe and is on a mission together. It was so exciting to realize how small we are here in this conference even though we are here with 3600 people on a site that is fully booked. This conference is a local one just for a part of the UK. Across the UK and across the world other similar conferences are happening and groups of churches are … [Read more...]

Together at Butlins 2 – Dave Stroud

This morning I again plan on sharing only a short summary of Dave Stroud's talk.  He spoke about how we are called to be salt and light in the world.Dave begun by speaking about the difference between Plato's view of the physical body and realm and the Christian one.  He told us not to think of our eternal state in heaven as a place of disembodied spirits hanging around.  Our bodies are part of God's creation, and there is no divide between the spiritual and physical, rather all is spiritualWe ar … [Read more...]

Together At Butlins Session 1 – Steve Tibbert

This bit of live blogging will definitely not be as detailed as usual. You can blame my tiredness from the three hour plus drive. Friday night traffic had me wondering if I should have gone round the M25 the opposite way. But when I got here I found that everyone from Jubilee had the same experience whichever way they had chosen to try and get here. So, by the time we had unpacked the car, got to our room, eaten some dinner and got the kids out of their school uniforms, and found the … [Read more...]

Together At Butlins

I interrupt my automated blogging to give you a bit of good old-fashioned live blogging from a Bible Weekend. Don't expect too many posts, or the posts to be long posts. I won't even be recording any interviews at this event. Why? Well, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that aside from my busy regular job, being a father of five, a husband, and part of the leadership team of Jubilee Church London, a small matter of a book project has been rudely intruding on the spare … [Read more...]