PJ Smyth on How to cry well when facing cancer

This year, news of PJ Smyth's lymphoma was the sandwich in between which the rest of the event was the filling. If you were at TOAM you could not miss it, and it brought the urgency of everything else into sharp focus. In the first session we were told he had a lump in his neck that would be removed. In the last session, Terry shared a text message which PJ had just sent him immediately on arriving home from a doctor's appointment, which had confirmed it was Hodgkin's lymphoma.PJ  will be … [Read more...]

Newfrontiers Church plant in New Delhi

A year ago at Together On A Mission I interviewed Samir and Jackie who at the time were preparing to move to New Delhi to lead a church plant there for Newfrontiers. I always intended to share the video here, but a whole year goes past so quickly! Now that the plant is up and running (and next week they are running a week of prayer and fasting for this baby church), I thought this would be a great time to finally show you the video. This couple are heroes of mine, and I missed sitting next to … [Read more...]

TOAM10 Audio now available

The Together On A Mission event is still reverberating around my soul. It seems to have impacted me possibly more than any previous conference. Time will of course tell whether the changes in my life wrought by Gods word preached, his presence felt, and his prophetic word to me personally will be as far reaching as I suspect they may be. One way I intend to maximise the opportunity of this event to affect me is to listen to some of the messages again. In particular, Terry Virgo's series on … [Read more...]

TOAM10 – The songs we sung together to our missional God

Thanks to the amazing behind the scenes workers at Together On A Mission, I am able to share with you the songs that we worshipped God together with. If someone has the time to edit this list and tell us all which albumns you can find the songs on that would be fantastic. If not, you should be able to find most of these fairly easily. Some of the Nathan Fellingham songs are on the new album by his wife. Some of the Kate Simmonds ones are I think yet to be recorded, however. See the websites of … [Read more...]

TOAM10 highlights video

We had a fantastic time this year in Brighton. Next year will be the end of an era as the last Together on a Mission takes place July 12th to 15th. Wherever you live in the world you want to be considering putting those dates in your diary right now. Here is this years highlight video.Download from Vimeo. … [Read more...]

TOAM10 – Joel Virgo on 2 Samuel 10

These are my notes from the final session from this years Together On a Mission. The preacher was  Joel Virgo.David fought many wars. It initially seems odd that this one gets prominence. It is surely not just because the writer has a sense of humor and wishes to remind us of the humiliation of men effectively having their trousers removed.David is given outrageous promises. He is told that his descendant will rule over the universe for ever. This was someone who was not, and wasn't even in … [Read more...]

TOAM10 – Terry Virgo on Prayer from Ephesians 6

Terry began by recommending Lou Fellingham's new CD, and Lex Loizides' new resource on making and using your own personal tract. We had sung one song form that CD which although I had enjoyed hearing it, had never really hit me before today. "Christ in me! My hope and my glory!"Ephesians 6 First we saw the call to be strengthened with the might of God. Then we saw the need to be protected by the armor. Now we get to "finally, praying." It is not part of the armor, but each part should be … [Read more...]

TOAM10 – Guest post from Mrs Warnock on transition

I was chatting with my wife, Andrée today as we were getting the notes from Terry's talk ready to publish. I felt like what she had to say was so insightful that I decided to ask her to share it here. So here is a rare guest blogging appearance from Mrs Warnock: As Terry was speaking today I noticed he mentioned the word 'transition' to describe the stage we are at as a family of churches. I found myself thinking about that word, and how it is used to describe a stage of labor before the baby … [Read more...]

TOAM10 – Dave Devenish on scattering

Gods purposes fulfilled through scattering. "Now those who had been scattered traveled as far as..." Acts 11:19ffDave was encouraged by a prophecy during the worship, "The greatest scattering is now before us. Together to be scattered for Gods glory."When God is about to initiate a major move forward, he does lots of things at the same time to prepare them for that. He arranged for Moses to be found by Pharaoh's daughter, when there had been persecution. When Jesus came God had arranged that … [Read more...]

TOAM10 – Terry Virgo on the armor of God

Terry began his Wednesday afternoon session by reading out the following tweets from PJ SMYTH:Discovered lump in neck on Mon. Saw 1 GP & 3 specialists in 4 hrs. Said i can't travel to uk for Newfrontiers conf. Op done y'day. Op went well. Bit sore & groggy. Biopsy results from removed lump due Fri. Very peaceful & grateful to perfect Father for good & 'bad'. Huge thx for prayers & support. Secure in fortress of Rms 8v28. Ash strong. Boys bit unsettled but brave. We … [Read more...]