TOAM10 – Eleven Things that can't be blogged

This year more than most there is much that I am experiencing here that I really cannot write properly about.  I thought I would share a list of some of them here:The joy of working hard with my wife by my side. It is so nice to be partnering with her. I just love the photographs she is producing for each post. It is incredibly busy trying to cram everything into our days here at conference, but for me it is very rewarding. Please pray for her that today is also amidst the business a day … [Read more...]

TOAM10 – David Stroud on how are we doing in caring for the poor?

Simon Pettit once preached a movement transforming sermon here at this conference on remembering the poor. Dave asked the question, how have we done since?1 in 4 families struggle go get food on their table in the USA.In the UK inner cities half of the children live near the poverty line.Dave took us to Isaiah 58.What is the broad context?Everyone was expected to be involved in the care of the needy. There was no welfare state.We are told to give the poor whatever they need. … [Read more...]

TOAM10 – Brian Mowrey’s video blogs

I thought I would highlight one of several other bloggers who are here at the conference.  I enjoyed watching my friend Brian's two video reports of the event.  I thought I would share them here. They may not be slick videos, but they are a great insight into one man's impression of this conference. Personally, I really like this kind of raw videography. Why not follow Brian's blog as the event proceeds. Brian is the leader of Jubilee Church, St Louis, one of the largest Newfrontiers churches in … [Read more...]

TOAM10 – Terry Virgo on Ephesians 6

Terry began by saying he has always loved the book of Ephesians. He admitted at one point his Bible probably fell open at Ephesians 4! The book has a remarkable focus on the church and clarity about the gospel. The whole book seems to be preparing us for this chapter and for warfare. The new age has begun. New man has been created. Mystery has been revealed. There is, however, a backdrop of fierce opposition. He is giving strength to Gods warriors. These great truths come to life in the … [Read more...]

TOAM10 – Scott Marques on the forceful advance of the Kingdom of God

As we gathered to worship, here at the Newfrontiers Together On A Mission conference, once again God blessed us with a sweet sense of His presence. Drawing away from the challenges of daily life and to a crowd of thousands of people, it is amazing how God intimately connects with us as individuals. A prophetic word came about our expectations of what God would say and do here. We were asked to lay down those expectations and look for him in unexpected ways. We were urged not to miss what God … [Read more...]