TOAM Interview with David Devenish on apostles today

In this interview I ask David about his new book, Fathering Leaders, Motivating Mission.  … [Read more...]

TOAM Song Lists

A few people have been asking if I could share the TOAM song lists. Ever one to oblige, and thanks to my friends at Newfrontiers, here they are:Session Song AuthorMS01 Praise Is Rising Paul BalocheLet Our Praise Matt RedmanHere Is Love William Rees and Kate SimmondsOnce Again Matt RedmanYou Alone Can Rescue Matt RedmanThis Is My Desire Reuben MorganGive Us Your Courage Tim HughesMS02 See His Love Tom LockleyChristus Victor Simon BradingAgnus … [Read more...]

TOAM Interview with Steve Tibbert, author of Good to Grow

It was great to grab a few minutes with Steve Tibbert, another friend of mine who recently had a book published. You can read more about his book here on the blog.My favorite quote from this interview was "The way you build can hinder growth, but growth ultimately comes from God, God grows things, God saves people."I apologize for the audio quality on this one. Fortunately it was the only one I did outside! … [Read more...]

TOAM – Thank you to the photographers

It was sad not to have my wife with me this year at Brighton. But I was very grateful to two men who tried to fill her shoes, at least in terms of photography during the sessions. I think you will agree that they did well. So, a big thank you to the two professional photographers who took all the pictures you will have seen on here over the past week. If you are looking for a photographer you could do a lot worse than booking either of them:Anthony Hurren Chris Johnson … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo's new blog design

Terry Virgo 's blog redesign launched today.  It looks really nice, pop over and check it out. There are interviews, sermons, blog posts, and a calendar of future events. Terry is coming to the USA for several weeks later in the year, you would do well to come and attend one of these events. … [Read more...]

TOAM David Holden on The future Unity of Newfrontiers (Philippians 2)

Dave Holden began by giving tribute to Terry and Wendy Virgo. We are not saying goodbye to them. As we are going into a new phase together so they are going into a new phase for them as well. They will continue to bring input into us. We choose to turn to them and say “we are so glad you are still around, we want your input, please speak into our lives.” However, we need to release them to be those who shape not only this family of churches, but others all around the world. The more we rel … [Read more...]

TOAM Seminar – Tope Koleoso on Demonstrations of the Spirit’s power

Those who know me well would not be at all surprised that this morning there was nowhere else I would rather be than listening to my own pastor, Tope Koleoso. Lex Loizedes was very warm in his introduction to my leader and dear friend. Tope began by reading some verses on Exodus 25.He said he was planning to speak onThe importance of prayer The place of worship PreachingThe importance of prayerThe atmosphere you are in when you get saved sets you up in the Kingdom of God. In … [Read more...]

TOAM Prayer Celebration and Giving night

As this is such a historic evening, I decided I would at least attempt to live blog. How you live blog a prayer meeting and worship party is a challenge! I cant really capture the amazing sense of celebration that was there. But it was in this massive sense of jubilation and faith that we united to storm the heavens.Lee Yarborough who leads the team based in Mexico led us in praying for Latin America. We prayed first for church plants in Rio, Brazil and in Bolivia. In Mexico several … [Read more...]

TOAM Terry Virgo's Fireside Chat

Terry explained that he felt God say to him that for this session he should “Just sit down and talk to them.” He explained that he had been looking at the last part of Hebrews, and it was good stuff but it wasn’t coming into a sermon form. He felt God said to him “what would you like to stay at this historic moment?” As Ginny prophesied tonight would be “a coming of age party” for Newfrontiers. So Terry wanted to highlight some things that really matter to him. What has been helping him over … [Read more...]

TOAM Joel Virgo on Gideon (Judges 6 and 7)

Gideon is instructed by God to lead God’s army, but he is having doubts. Two key stories. Gideon tests God out. He is not convinced, he is nervous. He saw the mighty army that you couldn’t count and it seemed too much for him. He wanted proof that God was with him. It is easy to be quick to speak of his unbelief and cowardice. But the commentator is writing that in a study, it is not really fair! You are not facing the Midianites while you are thinking of the Hebrew verbs. Gideon is fac … [Read more...]