9/11 ten years on

For several years now on September 11th, I have re-posted this article with minimal edits. In many ways, nothing much has changed as the years have gone by. I think therefore that this is for me the most appropriate way to mark the ten year anniversary of the most shocking event of my lifetime.The world will never forget 911. Each year I say it, but it still feels in a way like yesterday, despite the fact it is an age ago. We now live in the post 911 world. I am not American, and until early … [Read more...]

Peace beginning to reign again in the UK

News reports this morning are of a quiet night. We are thankful to God for that. And we are grateful to God for the tools he has used, the robust police response. I support the incredible work by them over the last few nights. As they have been given more resources they have restored order. They have done so in a way that has remained essentially British. Their restraint in not asking for things like water cannon has been admirable. I would not have been so patient. The lack of reports of … [Read more...]

Tope Koleoso on Sky News

God has been opening doors for Christians in the UK to speak to the media, and to build relationships with local authorities. This evening, my pastor Tope Koleoso was on Sky News. I think he did a great job: … [Read more...]

London quiet but looting in other cities overnight

Overnight we had the best bit of good news in a few days. London was relatively peaceful. It seems the strong leadership decisions made by David Cameron yesterday worked. Large numbers of police on the streets proved a deterrent. There were outbreaks of looting in other parts of the UK, however, so this situation is not over. More details at BBC News - UK riots: Trouble erupts in English cities.As things begin to calm down, communities will rally together I am sure. Let's pray that … [Read more...]

More robust policing promised by Cameron and the Met

British citizens should be very encouraged by the statements from Cameron and the Police this morning which are very welcome and suitably robust.  To double the number of police seems sensible. If the police feel the army is not needed then I am good with that! We must all support the police and all the actions necessary to control this.  Good too feel that we are being well lead as a nation today.Here is the full text of David Cameron's statement:'I have come straight from a meeting of the G … [Read more...]

Responding to the Riots: My Pastor Tope Koleoso on Premier Gospel

This morning, Tope Koleoso was on Premier Gospel speaking about how Christians can get involved with the clean up. You can download audio of Tope's interviewJubilee Church has a page with a further comment from Tope and a call to prayer and response. It is time for the church to pray, to speak out, and to act, as I also posted about earlier this morning. It should be noted that of course my plan is offered as suggestions, and some aspects of my plan may not be practical or even wise. The … [Read more...]

Enfield pastor condemns weekend violence and offers help with clean-up

MEDIA RELEASEThe leader of Enfield’s largest multi-cultural church has condemned the recent violence in Enfield and across London as “deplorable”.Pastor Tope Koleoso stated:  “This seems to have been motivated more by greed and a desire to loot than any form of protest.   I am certain that people from outside our area caused the vast majority of the violence.”Mr Koleoso heads up the team of pastors at Jubilee Church London, which meets at Cineworld in Enfield. He added: “As a leader of a mu … [Read more...]

Enfield Riots Still Happening: Please pray NOW for the safety of Jubilee Church London and our area

I am getting messages from different members of our congregation who say that gangs are smashing things up yards from their home, or in once case actually at the foot of their flats. Buildings have been looted in Enfield Town, and it seems also on the retail park where our church is based. Please pray for safety for all our people, and for those we live amongst. We do not want any injury or loss of life, and we want the damage to the area we love to stop.As Tope Koleoso put it on F … [Read more...]

John Stott (27 April 1921 – 27 July 2011) Round up of memorial posts

I suspect that by now almost everyone who reads this blog will already know that John Stott passed away two days ago.It is impossible to overstate the influence Stott had on the evangelical world in the 20th Century. I thought I would here share some quotes and a round up of useful links form around the net. John Stott Ministries has a website where you can read more about him. Third Way have a comprehensive interview with Stott from 2005.John Piper's personal reflection on Stott's life … [Read more...]

10 Ways a Christian should respond to the earthquake in Japan

As Japan braces itself for a possible further serious earthquake, and deals with the consequences of such massive devastation caused by the last one, not to mention the risk of a major nuclear incident, how should Christians respond? Please understand that none of this is intended to claim that we have all the answers to such a disaster. In fact, like Job's friends' initial response, often the best thing we can do is say absolutely nothing, and share people's pain.I write this article with … [Read more...]