911 Nine years on

This is now the third time I have posted this article. In many ways, nothing much has changed as the years have gone by. I have therefore lightly edited the article but republish it today more or less as I originally published it. The world will never forget 911. Each year I say it, but it still feels in a way like yesterday, despite the fact it is an age ago. We now live in the post 911 world. I am not American, and until early 2003 I had never been to New York. On 9/11, I didn’t lose a … [Read more...]

Boys lacking men to inspire them to mature

Every now and then you read an article that says it right. This Guardian article is one such article and describes boys as follows: "A lazy youth becomes a burden to those parents, whom he ought to comfort, if not support. But you can no more rouse them, with all of their fine arguments, than you can a log. There they lie, completely enchained by indolence… Business tires him; reading fatigues him; the public service interferes with his pleasures. Ask him what he has done with his morning … [Read more...]

Abby Enck, Age 8: Social Entrepreneur

This post is from Brett and Alex Harris, those dynamos who keep reminding kids that they can achieve great things with their life: Abby Enck is only eight-years-old, but her story provides an excellent blueprint for rebelutionaries on how to make a difference. This shy girl found a cause close to home (supporting her brother who has cerebral palsy) and took one small step to meet that need (raising $4.50 selling lemonade to buy crayons). Once she had developed a successful model, she multiplied … [Read more...]

Why I plan to vote Conservative in the UK Election Part 1 – Social Justice

At the outset of this series, I do want to make a few points.  Firstly, this whole set of posts represents merely my own point of view. I would not want you to assume that everyone in the local church I attend agrees with, or should agree with, what I am about to say.  Nor would I want you to think that anything I say implies that all Christians should hold to these opinions.  In the UK we have a long history of Christians supporting and being involved in all the major political parties, and … [Read more...]

911 Eight Years Ago

I wrote the following article, originally titled "911 THREE YEARS ON" Now we can add five more years and nothing much has changed. I have therefore lightly edited the article but republish it today more or less as I originally published it:The world will never forget 911. A year ago I said it felt like yesterday, and it still does. I am not American, and until early 2003 I had never been to New York. On 9/11, I didn't lose a loved one or a friend. But I remember seeing the second plane hit the … [Read more...]

Religious Persecution Is Alive And Well In Nigeria And India

The age of martyrdom is far from over. Living in the West we may feel relatively insulated from such things but our brothers and sisters around the world wake up this morning to the knowledge that their lives are at risk because of their faith. We can feel powerless to help. But help we can, if nothing else by our prayers, by being informed, and by supporting the work of organizations set up to help the oppressed. As a child I remember being inspired by the work of Open Doors with Brother … [Read more...]

Swine Flu Apparently Reaches The Warnocks

The Swine Flu global epidemic is the first of the 24/7 media era. It seems the mainstream media can't quite seem to decide whether to whip us all up into a panic with stories of children dying or lead us to total complacency with stories of swine flu parties and reassurance that the majority of deaths "had underlying medical problems anyway," as though that makes it OK somehow! The reality is of course somewhere in between. There are healthy people dying. Not in large numbers. Over the coming … [Read more...]

Why Have We Not Banned Travel To Mexico?

It seems that it may have started. Experts have predicted a global pandemic of a new fatal flu for so long we have become inoculated against the horror of the concept. Now in Mexico a new form of flu has arisen, from swine rather than from birds, and is spreading from person to person. So far, it is believed that around 100 people have died out of around 1000 suspected cases. Worryingly, in common with previous pandemic flu outbreaks (as opposed to "normal" seasonal flu) this seems to be causing … [Read more...]

Clinton looses his rag on TV

Memo to all famous or nearnly famous people out there (and yes that includes ex-presidents of the USA). If anyone approaches you from Panorama to be intereviewed consider your response carefully. In a result that is all too familiar for anyone who has ever watched Panorama, Clinton is apparently given such a grilling that he loses his temper with David Dimbleby during a BBC television interview to be broadcast this week when he is repeatedly quizzed about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. The … [Read more...]