UK Independent Christian School releases details of government closure threat

What a difference a year makes in modern Britain if you are a religious school.  In yesterday's article I suggested there may be a secret plan to neuter or close all religious schools in the UK.  One of the affected schools has now released more information about what they have faced. Trinity Christian School is a tiny, independently run school which takes no money from the government. In November 2013 it received the following commendation on its first Ofsted visit: The provision for pupils’ sp … [Read more...]

Is a UK government body harassing Jewish and Christian schools?

The new intolerance is clothed with the language of promoting equality. Yet it seems religious groups are less equal than others. In this article I will outline a worrying pattern that hints at the possibility of a secret UK government plan to weaken, and eventually close, religious schools.More Coverage: Independent Christian school Releases Details of Closure Threat Has the UK government breached the Human Rights Act in recent school regulations?Christian and Jewish schools in the … [Read more...]

10 Point plan to alleviate the current riots across England

The situation this morning is absolutely terrifying. BBC News and the Guardian have live news sections that make frightening reading. The most concerning thing is that there seems that the authorities are struggling to control the situation. Now I am no expert in civilian unrest but here are my suggestions for the crisis meeting that the government are having later this morning.It must be stressed that what is happening has NOTHING to do with protesting injustice. It has NOTHING to do with … [Read more...]

Popular posts: 10 Ways a Christian should respond to the earthquake in Japan.

During Adrian's month away from the blog, he has hand-picked a selection of the most popular posts of the year so far to re-run.Today we feature, "10 Ways a Christian should respond to the earthquake in Japan." As the world was reeling from the astonishing news from Japan, this post proved quite popular as it attempted to think through how Christians should respond:10 Ways a Christian should respond to the earthquake in JapanAs Japan braces itself for a possible further serious earthquake, … [Read more...]

Update from Egyptian Bible Society

Many of you have probably seen this already as it is a couple of days old. But I only heard of it yesterday, so I thought some of you might also not have seen it. The whole article is worth a read as it updates us on the situation for Christians in Egypt:Christians and Muslims have been united as never before defending their homes on overnight shifts (due to the lack of police security). This is resulting for many to make friends with neighbors they never knew, and there is a real sense of … [Read more...]

AUDIO – World Vision Haiti Update

Yesterday I spoke about our responsibility to help people who have been affected by the disaster in Haiti. Today I am able to share with you an interview I recorded with the USA head of World Vision, a major Christian aid agency with a strong presence of 800 people on the ground in Haiti even before the earthquake. DOWNLOAD THE MP3 HERE Richard Stearns spoke with me today. Based in Seattle, WA, he is the president of World Vision U.S. and the author of a challenging book on the need for … [Read more...]

Haiti Earthquake Relief

The world is still reeling in shock at what happened to Haiti. The acute crisis will give way to long term-problems, and so this weekend churches have the perfect opportunity to collect funds to help.What is needed is for resources to be delivered to people on the ground who will know how best to help and will do it in the name of Jesus. There are many different groups that we could channel our resources through, but John Lanferman of Newfrontiers USA has recommended a group called … [Read more...]

2008 Top Posts Numbers 15 and 16

The 16th most read post is my interview with Terry Virgo from 2007, which also has a link to my 2008 interview.In 15th place is a post that marked the closest I have come to being a true journalist on the blog. I had an exclusive story but, I must say I was taken back by the fact that anyone was surprised—still less angry—when I announced what I had been told were the reasons behind a split between Spring Harvest and Word Alive. … [Read more...]

Bilingual ESV Bibles Provided Free During Olympic Games

This press release was just sent out from Crossway. It is great news and reminds us of the need to pray during these Olympic games.*****************************Wheaton, IL— China will provide 10,000 free Chinese-English bilingual Bibles to be distributed in the Olympic Village where the Olympic athletes and media are housed, as reported by the China Daily newspaper. The bilingual Bible text will include the CUV (Chinese Union Version) and the ESV (English Standard Version), appearing in two s … [Read more...]

Joel Edwards Takes New Roles With Faith Foundation and Micah Challenge

The Evangelical Alliance released this announcement last week:"The retiring General Director of the Evangelical Alliance will bring his passion for justice for the poor to two new roles as he joins Tony Blair's Faith Foundation and becomes the first International Director of Micah Challenge . . ."Mr Edwards, a British immigrant from Jamaica, is an honorary Canon of St Paul’s Cathedral. He was a probation officer for fourteen years, and the senior pastor of Mile End New Testament Church of God f … [Read more...]