Christian Candidate for London Mayor Gains Broad Support From Churches

This is not really a political blog. And I am not a campaigner for any one political party. Nor have I ever even been a member of a party. Nothing in this post should be taken as a personal endorsement of any candidate or even as a suggestion that I have already cast my own vote. As of yet, I don't know that much about Alan Craig myself. I just want to give you this opportunity to hear more about a Christian who is standing for office and clearly not getting as much media coverage as Ken … [Read more...]

Evangelical Alliance Leader to Leave After Eleven Years as General Director

PRESS RELEASE6 March 2008One of the UK's most senior Christian leaders, the Reverend Joel Edwards, will be leaving his post as General Director of the Evangelical Alliance UK after more than a decade of valued service.Mr. Edwards completed two five-year terms as General Director for the Alliance last year, but wanted to stay on until he had finished work on a new vision for evangelicalism, outlined in his new book An Agenda for Change.Due to depart in September, he will spend his final six … [Read more...]

My "Christianity Today" News Debut

Christianity Today has published online a short news item about the UK which I wrote for them. The article, entitled Surprise Appointment, begins as follows: The appointment of Joel Edwards, general director of the U.K.'s Evangelical Alliance, as a commissioner to the nation's Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has drawn complaints from gay activists.Formed to enforce legislation guaranteeing age, ethnic, disability, gender, and sexual preference equality, the EHRC brings together the … [Read more...]

New Legal Structure for Churches That Employ Their Leader and/or Do Not Vote

The UK EA has freely released some legal framework documents that may be of particular interest to you if your church is in Britain and is led by one of its employees and/or decisions are not taken by a vote of the full membership. Legal changes have led to the following announcement: "The Evangelical Alliance and the Charity Commission have announced the completion of three model governing documents that provide guidance for independent churches. These documents are the culmination of four … [Read more...]

Time to Put a Stop to Brown?

I should say before I start—there is a reason why I don't usually blog about politics. It's not normally something I feel strongly about. But right now a thought is welling up within me—something I suspect many people are feeling and few are willing to ask:Is it time for the Labour Party to fire their new leader and our prime minister?There — I've asked the unthinkable. Although, of course, since I am not a Labour MP, nor even a member or committed supporter of any political party, there is nothi … [Read more...]

Rob Frost, Leading UK Evangelical Methodist Dies

My friend, Tony Miles, reports on the death of Rob Frost. More information is available at Share Jesus International, where reflections from his family are also available. I found this passage striking:On the last evening of Easter People this year Rob preached, and as he left the platform he was sad that this would be the last Easter People . . . but he believed God said to him, ". . . you will not be here next year Rob." We thank God for this preparation, even though the knowledge has been … [Read more...]

The Beginning of the End for Gordon Brown?

I don't often mention politics on this blog. But today I simply can't resist. This weekend, election fever was rife in the UK. One of the many oddities of our UK political system is that, right now, a man who was never directly elected by the population to be Prime Minister has the power to call an election at a time of his choosing between now and June 2010!Because we don't have term limits or fixed terms for Parliament, Tony Blair finally stepped aside to let his Finance Minister become Prime … [Read more...]

Persecution in India

My buddy, Mark Moore, has asked us to pray for a friend of his who is a pastor facing persecution in India. See Mark's blog for the full story: “One of our international pastors in Acts 29, Pastor Sudhakar in India, is facing tremendous persecution, having been drug out of his church on a Sunday morning and beaten by twenty men. He is now standing trial for "converting Hindus to Christianity." … [Read more...]

Al Mohler's Tribute to Dr. D. James Kennedy

As many of you may already know, Dr. D. James Kennedy, well-known pastor, teacher, and evangelist died September 5th at his home in Florida after having suffered a cardiac arrest last December.Many Christians world-wide have been influenced by Dr. Kennedy, not the least of whom is Dr. Albert Mohler, who remembered Kennedy in this personal tribute titled "Excellency in All Things, and All Things to God's Glory—The Legacy of Dr. D. James Kennedy," Here is a portion of that tribute:"My indebtedness … [Read more...]

Dr. D. James Kennedy Has Retired

Dr. James Kennedy, the well-known pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has been unable to preach during 2007 due to poor health and has now formally retired. His daughter made the announcement this morning.More information can be found at Assist News Service, and the full press release can be read here.HT: Denny Burk through Justin Taylor. … [Read more...]