Blair Resigns as British Prime Minister

I have often said that one aspect of the American political system that is sensible is term limits for the president. It is no great surprise to anyone that Tony Blair has today announced his intention to resign as prime minister at the end of June.In so doing, he has achieved a rare thing in British politics — leaving power at a time of his choosing and at a moment which many feel will place him in a good light. In a move that has been carefully choreographed, his announcement comes shortly a … [Read more...]

The PCA Considering Excluding Followers of N. T. Wright

Lig Duncan has been part of a committee that has been considering the teachings of the New Perspectives on Paul (NPP), and especially N. T. Wright, for several months on behalf of the Presbyterian Church in America.They have now made a number of clear declarations as listed below, and the closing paragraphs of the report suggest to me that they have concluded that to hold these views should become inconsistent with continuing as a minister or preacher in a PCA church. They make a number of … [Read more...]

News on the Turkish Christian Martyrs

My old friend, Paul Rees, passes on a heart-rending letter from Turkey in a post entitled Gospel Growth: The Protestant Church of Smyrna. … [Read more...]

John Stott – Champion of Penal Subsitutionary Atonement Retires

The Langham Partnership sent out the following announcement today:"John Stott would like his many friends around the world to know that, having reached the age of 86 in April, he has taken the decision finally to retire from public ministry after fulfilling one final speaking engagement at the upcoming Keswick Convention in July.He will be moving from his flat in central London where he has lived for more than 30 years, to a retirement community for Anglican clergy in the south of England, which … [Read more...]

US ELECTION – Dipping My Toe Into a Can of Worms

Up until now, I have mostly resisted getting drawn into commenting on US politics. I still think I probably won't do too many of these kinds of posts — I've always thought it was none of my business! But tell me, my fair readers, do you want me to talk more about all this?I thought yesterday’s decision by the Supreme Court upholding the ban on partial birth abortion would throw the upcoming presidential election into sharp relief, and I was right. Here’s what some of the candidates had to say:D … [Read more...]

The Risks and Rewards of Using Technology in Sermon Preparation

Note: I originally wrote this article for where it appeared on February 26, 2007.__________________________________________________Technology helps me in both my sermon preparation and in my personal devotional life. By technology, I’m referring specifically to the Internet and Bible software. I love it and have no apology for using it to discover insights from God’s Word and to improve the quality of my preaching.People have three different reactions when I talk to them abo … [Read more...]

IRAQ – A Clash of Worldviews

This story retold by Chuck Colson brought a little bit of warmth to my day. In all the horrors of the ongoing war in Iraq — and let's not forget U.S. soldiers are also at times the ones firing on their enemies — a bit of humanity, or rather the image of God, shines through from time to time: "I have never seen a more dramatic example of worldviews in contrast, nor have I been prouder of an American G.I. On one hand, we have the horrors of a civilization that values death — even the death of its … [Read more...]

Viability of Babies in the Womb is Now 22 Weeks

The definition of when "life" enters a baby who is in the womb is a challenge for anyone who believes that it is at a different point from conception or at least implantation. The common alternative view is that it is when a baby is "viable". The following story reveals the moving goalposts of this. Of course, if we accept this moving goalpost as a definition, we are bound to eventually find that an artificial womb is created that can sustain life from the moment of conception to birth. It … [Read more...]

Wayne Grudem on America’s Election

Wayne Grudem has published an article which is strongly in support of Bush and the Republicans. What is interesting to me as a Brit is that I could never imagine a leading Christian in the UK endorsing a politician this robustly. And yet you are the ones who separate church and state - not us. I can't make up my mind who got it right, but perhaps a nation where church leaders are allowed to publicly speak about their political views is more mature than one where church bishops still sit in the … [Read more...]

New Blogging technology- Blogger for word

The all new Blogger for word should revolutionise my blogging experience.  No more excuse for those typos.  No more posts lost at the last second during the publishing process.  No more weird formatting errors.  This has got to be a massive advance for everyone who uses the Blogger software! Pop over and download it now! … [Read more...]