TRAVEL DIARY – The National Air and Space Museum

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TRAVEL DIARY – My Impressions of the Monuments

The weekend passed in a whir, so I thought that I would finish off my travel blog in a time-delayed format.The experience of visiting the Washington monuments was very impactful for me. I had a lovely time. The thing that struck me about Washington was the incredible sense of intelligent and intentional design. It seemed clear to me that the smallness of the White House, and the grandeur of the Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument were designed to communicate a message. … [Read more...]

TRAVEL DIARY – More Photos on the Mall

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TRAVEL DIARY – More D.C. Photos

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TRAVEL DIARY – Washington D.C. Photos

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TRAVEL DIARY – Meeting the JollyBlogger

David Wayne has been my truest and closest blogging friend for what feels like a decade in blog years. My respect for him knows no bounds, and his blogging is the most gracious, yet insightful, I have ever come across. Today I met David, together with his wife and daughter, and became even more impressed. They are truly a jolly family.You can tell a lot about a man by his children. There is no doubt that the Jollette is a credit to David. How many 13 year olds are self-assured enough to be … [Read more...]

TRAVEL DIARY – Here in Washington

One of the things that has struck me on this trip is the global family of the Church. I have been so well treated by Christians here (and in the last town I was in, too). Being in Christ's family gives you brothers and sisters wherever in the world you may be.It's an amazing thing for me as I begin to be immersed in the life of Covenant Life Church. Travis Earles, who is an old friend of mine, is serving us wonderfully. He selflessly picked Tope and me up late at the airport. He will show us the … [Read more...]

TRAVEL DIARY – Proof I Lived to Eat Again

Food is very important when you are traveling. I always like to sample the authentic local cuisine. In this case that meant a "small" 14 ounce steak. The largest on the menu was 32 ounces - that's enough to feed a family!So, two heavy meat-filled meals (not to mention breakfast!) and I have been exposed to America's finest. Beats the French restaurants which always give you TINY portions, but I think I had enough calories yesterday to last me for a week!Off to D.C. later today . . . . … [Read more...]

TRAVEL DIARY – Enjoying American Culture

Well, I was lucky enough to get some time to take in some U.S. culture today, as you can see from the following photos. It was great to meet a Christian brother who took time out of his day to show me around. We had a lot of fun. There are two questions posed by these photos:1. Will I be able to eat anything at all this evening?2. Will Mohler and the rest of the SBC guys denounce me as a heretic for drinking American beer? … [Read more...]

TRAVEL DIARY – The Wonders of Modern Technology

Well, here I am . . . sitting in a hotel business centre marveling at what we all take for granted these days. Having been able to deal with yesterday's emails on the plane (yes, it was in flight-safe mode!) thanks to my Blackberry, and today, thanks to that and the fax machine, all my work can be dealt with just as though I was in the UK! The thought of being in America so quickly, let alone being able to carry out business here so easily, would have been unimaginable by our ancestors.In a … [Read more...]