New Blogging technology- Blogger for word

The all new Blogger for word should revolutionise my blogging experience.  No more excuse for those typos.  No more posts lost at the last second during the publishing process.  No more weird formatting errors.  This has got to be a massive advance for everyone who uses the Blogger software! Pop over and download it now! … [Read more...]

Finding Gods will for your life – Prov 3

Proverbs 3:5-6Trust in the Lord with all your heart,and do not lean on your own understanding.In all your ways acknowledge him,and he will make straight [some translations: make straight] your paths.Thought I would repost an old set of sermon notes here:IntroHow can I know God's will? What if I make a mistake? if my life is in such a mess at the moment can I really be in God's will? Shall I give up and go somewhere else where it will all be alright?The bible says without vision the people perish … [Read more...]

Y!Q another new blogging technology

I have just implemented Y!Q which allows you to find more information about subjects I post on right from the post. It should be possible to implement it in whatever blog system that you use so that the "context" it searches is always your blog post title!Its all part of the value added service! … [Read more...]

An old sermon on discovering the Will of God

Many Christians struggle with finding God's will for their lives. I though I would share with you an old sermon I preached on this matter......Proverbs 3:5-6 by Adrian Warnock Introduction A changing, uncertain world. Cast off tradition and Christian ways of doing things now what do we base decisions on? Illustrate from politics. Tony champions even a britain where the elite is finnished. Family values, but a foreign minister can be trusted to keep his promises to his country when he cant … [Read more...]

The Toronto Blessing

Eleven years on from the birth of the Toronto Blessing I republished an article I wrote at the time. Some thought this was a time when the Church seemed to be going mad.UPDATEIn January 2008, the following post was identified as the 12th all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 13th most-read post was my post concerning Bishop Tom Wright's response to John Piper.The post below was republished from an article I wrote many years ago. In some ways it was this article that first … [Read more...]

UK Evangelicals mourn the Popes passing

Joel Edwards of the UK Evangelical Alliance has stated:"John Paul II was one of the most remarkable Christian leaders of recent times. There is no denying his deep personal piety, and the courage, faith and fortitude he showed as a Christian pastor and bishop in the face of both Nazism and Communism. We strongly supported his witness in favour of life, and against the 'culture of death' exemplified by abortion and euthanasia.". He went on to say, "We admired his readiness to forgive his … [Read more...]

Terri Schiavo – murdered by the American System?

Terri has died in a way quite bizarre to me as a UK observer. How can it be that both the governor of the state and the president can express a desire for a different outcome and yet this woman was starved to death. How can the US parliment and courts disagree so publically? Why did the supreme court not get involved? How can a woman be starved to death without due process or evaluation by independent doctors being properly considered. At times, despite my education courtesy of TV's The … [Read more...]

Just another day of cynical opportunism for Michael Howard?

I have been trying to work out in my mind why it was that Mr Howard had ignited the Abortion debate. Then all of a sudden it struck me. Perhaps I am just being cynical myself, but it would seem to me that Howards proposal to reduce the number of weeks that a baby in the womb needs to fear abortion was indeed deliberately floated by him. You see, despite what the media would like us to believe some kind of restrictions on abortion are actually popular. So I ask myself was Howard actually … [Read more...]

Somethings been happening to me this week……..

This has been a great week so far. Despite having to travel when I wasnt expecting to and some logistical issues that arrose as a result, I have felt closer to God. I have felt a strength growing within me, a greater desire to know God more and my desire for holiness has been increasing. I have felt good, really good. So much so that I was starting to ask myself why. Then tonight when I felt the blessing of God as I spoke about Why did Jesus Die at Alpha, even doing that felt somehow different. … [Read more...]

UK Abortion religious row intensifies

There is a lot in the UK press today about the row that has suddenly engulfed our politicians. American readers need to understand that this is almost unprecedented. Religion and politics are bizarrely more separate in our nation than yours despite the fact that we have bishops sitting in our house of lords.Anyway, today the Independent says the last thing the election should be about is abortion and the BBC seems to imply agreement. Readers of the Telegraph and the Mail are suprising in their … [Read more...]