Advice for Americans coming to the UK

Hat tip to A New Kind of Christian"MONEYThe Brits have peculiar words for many things. Money is referred to as 'goolies' in slang, so you should for instance say 'I'd love to come to the pub but I haven't got any goolies.' 'Quid' is the modern word for what was once called a 'shilling' - the equivalent of seventeen cents American.MAKING FRIENDSIf you are fond of someone, you should tell him he is a 'great tosser' - he will be touched. The English are a notoriously tactile, demonstrative … [Read more...]

What would Jesus vote (WWJV) – Denzel 1 Meryl 0

World Magazine Blog reports a showdown on prime time TV which seems to have been about who Jesus would vote for in an election. I think with all the energy that has gone into answering the question What Would Jesus Vote?, we run the risk of forgetting a really crucial point.Jesus has already voted. He knows, in fact he DETERMINED who the next president of the USA will be. Part of a belief in a sovereign God is that he is really in charge of everything. Thus, if Kerry gets in, it will not be as … [Read more...]


Life In The Cultlane responded in my comments section to my post What is an evangelical? I thought I would include the post in its entirety here and comment as we go.Hi! I seem to have sparked quite some discussion.For context - I'm a New Zealander, I consider myself Christian, I grew up from 1971-1989 in a church that I would consider Pentecostal ('Indigenous Pentecostal', ie, NZ homegrown) and inspired directly by Smith Wigglesworth. This church very definitely suffered from 'paranoia and … [Read more...]

Abortion Bush, Kerrry and the Christian

A few days back I asked How Partisan should a pastor be%3F. Some of the comments there have been quite insightful.I showed my ignorance by asking what Bush had done for foetuses. I guess from this side of the pond I am used to a prime minister who can do more or less what he wants. So, the idea of a president not being able to significantly alter abortion legislation if he was genuinely against it is somehow surprising to me.I am educating myself on this by watching West Wing and reading … [Read more...]

How strong a biblical worldview do you have?

According to Worldview I am a "Strong Biblical Worldview Thinker." I scored 145/170 points, or 85%. I have some concerns about this tho....Firstly, just how strong a biblical worldview can I have when I lied in order to even be allowed to take the test? I told them I lived in Peuto Ricco. My understanding from West Wing is that this is a colony of the US, so since the US used to be a colony of ours...... OK, I admit it, thats no excuse I LIED!!! Still parablemania asked us, is it … [Read more...]

Clinton looses his rag on TV

Memo to all famous or nearnly famous people out there (and yes that includes ex-presidents of the USA). If anyone approaches you from Panorama to be intereviewed consider your response carefully. In a result that is all too familiar for anyone who has ever watched Panorama, Clinton is apparently given such a grilling that he loses his temper with David Dimbleby during a BBC television interview to be broadcast this week when he is repeatedly quizzed about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. The … [Read more...]

Blogdom of God- pleas for technical assistance

Managing the Blogdom of God which continues to grow becomes a headache after a while!What I am wondering is if anyone out there would either know of a technical solution that would already do the following, or has the savvy to create one.I would love a computer to be able to do this- 1. Read the Blogdom of God Blogroll as served by the Truth Laid Bear and obtain a list of URLs on a regular basis 2. Visit these URLs and autodiscover their RSS feeds 3. Aggregate those feeds automatically into … [Read more...]

UK Police inquiry into late abortion

BBC NEWS reports the success of a one woman campaign to use the courts to force the police to open an investigation into the late abortion of an unborn child with a cleft lip and palate. This is potentially a major step in the UK, and shows that it is possible to make a difference. … [Read more...]

Channel 4 to screen graphic film of abortion

The Observer reports: "An abortion is to be shown on British television for the first time. A Channel 4 programme will also use previously banned images of aborted foetuses in one of the most controversial television programmes broadcast in Britain. " … [Read more...]

The Passion

Why is it that I somehow thought that seeing the Passion would answer my questions about it and I would come down either on the side of adulation or hatred for the film?I guess that things just don't seem that simple for me.On the positive, it was artistic, reasonably accurate, emotive, and most of all a successful film about Jesus. I mean, I was rejoicing to see bible texts on display in my local cinema. Was it anti-semitic- no not really- Jesus states he is giving HIMSELF up to death in … [Read more...]