Preaching on the Passion

In a sermon entitled Mother's pain, world's gain based on Luke 2:22-35, I discuss the death of Jesus, and the Mel Gibson Film. Have a listen if you like...... … [Read more...]

Iraq, Spain and church

Anywone who says 'I like your website, Adrian, it's one of the best.' in a comment, deserves to have that comment repeated in its entirety here for all to see! And what is more, Allison has hit the nail on the head in responding BOTH to what I have been saying about Iraq/Spain AND the church. There definitely IS a link in my mind and she has picked it up well (clearly at least one other person thinks in as wacky a way as me!)I think what I was driving at is that the terrorist, the lone … [Read more...]

What did the church ever do for me?

So what is the point of church? Why is it important? Why does it exist and what can it do for me? Should I actually be asking the question 'What can I do for the church?'Like the Romans, there is much that has been purely practical that the church has accomplished. Great social movements, charitable care, justice campaigns that have led to changes in the law have all come from church. Not to mention institutions like schools and hospitals many of which were started by churches.Actually, … [Read more...]

A passionate resonse

Sarah's Stuff!reports: "My cousin went and saw the passion and cried her eyes out- afterwards, she went to church and devoted her life to Jesus Christ. That sounds like a changed life if you ask me."Of course, not to be too picky, but I guess we would all like to know what kind of Christian did she devote herself to being?Is this one of those films that we all bring our prejudices to? Does an atheist leave more convinced of the fallacy of Christianity? Does a catholic see Mary's role even … [Read more...]

The Passion

MArk Roberts has given me more reason to regret that I cannot yet make my own mind up about this film!"I don't think any movie has ever inspired more emotionally charged and widely varied responses. In this sense at least, The Passion of the Christ is very much like Jesus himself. Almost nobody who has seen this movie responds to it in a detached manner. Though the responses to The Passion of the Christ have been all over the map, they share one ironic quality: profound passion. The diversity … [Read more...]

The Passion is here (or at least in the US!)

blogs4God is listing all the differing Passion reviews (it has been sold-out). I love the paradox that Christians are promoting a film that in the UK will be an 18! I am a bit sad that I cannot really wade into these discussions as in the UK we still await our opportunity to view it. But view it I will, and once all my blogging friends are bored of it I will no doubt decide which side of the fence I am on! … [Read more...]

The Christian Carnival #1

Thanks to Nick Queen for organising this, have a nosy round these posts some of them are great!Brother Phil asks if your Christianity is Radical or RecreationalTim Samoff reevaluates the label "post-modern"Adrian Warnock gets his teeth into American conservatives over their surprise at Howard Dean's pro-homosexual commentsSt. Stephen's Musings gives us a new acronym: HWJA? (How Would Jesus Argue?)Parablemania takes Dennis Miller to task over his abortion stances as they relate to his … [Read more...]

Passion by Mel Gibson

Passion Review by Mark Roberts who has been lucky enough to see the film- joining the pope and Billy Graham on my list of people I am envious of for having seen this. Don't they want a UK blogger to review it??? … [Read more...]

After abortion

After abortion: "The Top Ten After Abortion stories of 2003." … [Read more...]

The Lord of the Rings – Return of the King

Having allowed my whole family to watch the new Lord of the Rings film I asked Henry, What did you learn from the Lord of the rings?Henry's answer- 'Not to go out on my own'Well, I guess thats one function of letting kids see depictions of evil! Of course the other is to instill in them the age old story of the fight of good versus evil.Many seem to learn more expicitly Christian messages from the film, such as for example Nick: "Does Lord of the Rings reflect Christian values? I think … [Read more...]