Is Microsoft spying on you? Is Bill Gates the Big Brother who is watching you?

Forgive me if I engage in a little conspiracy theorising. Its just that the latest security 'glitch' in a Microsoft product seems to me like it just might be one co-incidence too far. In a BBC report today entitled The hidden dangers of documents it is explained that every electronic word document not only contains a record of every revision of the document (which may well be embarrassing) but also fragments of data from other files you were working on at the same time are embedded. This would … [Read more...]

Mel Gibson's the Passion

Mel Gibson seems to have exceeded all expectations with his new film The Pasion. I defy you to watch the trailer at hollywood Jesus without a tear in your eye. This bloody portrayal of Jesus death will shake us out of our complacent overfamiliarity with this story and make us sit up and listen.Empire Online | The Film Website | News To begin with, Gibson attended Mass every morning whilst shooting The Passion just so that he was 'squeaky clean' while working on the film. And then there's the … [Read more...]

A job I love……

A few weeks ago I asked, work-curse or call? I can honestly say that whilst it is hard work and involves a significant amount of travel I am truly enjoying it. Some of the people I work with are a real joy, and I feel like for now I have really found the place I fit. If you are thinking of making a move towards a job for which you are truly suited, go for it- I recommend it.I preached on work this sunday and among onther things asked-o Do you seek to better yourself in your career so you … [Read more...]

Abortion kills 508 babies per day in the UK

This is more deaths than any of the world wars. What started as a get out for extreme cases is now abortion on demand. Despite the risks to women's health from abortion most abortions are now done on the basis that ANY pregnancy is more risky for the woman's health than continued pregnancy. This appears simply to be untrue, and is certainly not what the UK law had in mind. For more information on the Ethics of abortion visit the CMF pages or if you are considering an abortion or have had … [Read more...]

Learning to cope with partners who travel

My poor wife had to cope with me being in the USA shortly after I started my new job. I am sure she would have agreed with a woman who was quoted in the telegraph as sayinghaving his comatose body home two days ahead of his mind drives me nuts.This was certainly true of me after that trip! In fact I slept for ages on my return and twice thought I was in my hotel room on waking up. One of these times I was convinced I had another woman lying next to me in bed. I couldnt understand it as that … [Read more...]

We don't do God….

The fact that Tony Blair was interrupted by Campbell during an interview with the reminded 'we don't do God' is surely shocking.An editorial in the London Daily Telegraph on Monday 5th May 2003 wryly comments:One could write a book about everything that this little intervention has to tell us about Mr Blair and his style of government, and about Britain in 2003......Further evidence of Number 10's anxiety to avoid religious rhetoric during the Iraq war emerged yesterday in an article in … [Read more...]

'Smart' hospital to improve care

There are some wild ideas about a 'Smart' hospital to improve care. Hey if I was still in the NHS I would be happy if I even had access to an email system or the ability to look at electronic journals online! Amazingly enough most hospital doctors dont even have access to PC's on their desks. Amazing to think that something as high risk as reading someones dodgy handwriting is still relied on for medicating out sickest patients in hospital! Trust me you wouldnt want to be reading my … [Read more...]

Men of honour

A while ago, I watched this film and as a result of hearing about the first black master diver in the US navy who also kept on diving after an amputation I initially thought 'No way!' But in fact the US navy tell Carl Brashear's true story and in this picture we see the real man meeting his hollywood counterpart. What struck me most though in reading all this is that this very strong man who might have been expected to be very independent and a true American Hero had the following quote on … [Read more...]