Skyfall – James Bond at 50

Spoiler alert! This post contains a fair bit of information about the plot. If you haven’t yet seen the film, and want to be surprised, stop reading now! The summary of this post that this is in one sense a stereotypical Bond movie, and you will by now know what to expect, no doubt. If you like Bond, then I recommend this film. If you don’t then it is not sufficiently different to draw you in.As usual in the last few Bond files, although he is to use an old English phrase, “a bit of a cad” an … [Read more...]

US Presidential Elections: A nation divided

I was asked this week what issues in the American Elections concern my constituency of readers, many of whom are American. I think a number will agree with an issue that is not often expressed. For me, as a British observer, one big concern I have is for the unity of your great nation. It seems that with every passing election cycle the divisions grow deeper. Some Republicans dismiss Obama as out to destroy what makes America great, while some Democrats demonize Romney.It might surprise you … [Read more...]

Coming out: Is “Evangelical” the new “Homosexual”?

If Christianity is not persecuted in the West, why do many evangelicals feel more scared of coming out than some homosexuals today? Following on from what my protagonist called the "Tweet off", James has posted the following, "With the greatest respect to Adrian, I do not believe it is remotely plausible to maintain that Christians are persecuted, far less hated in the UK. Let’s look at the gross facts: Christianity is the state religion and the head of state is the head of the Church; C … [Read more...]

The Christian Persecution Complex?

Over on Twitter I had a very interesting discussion yesterday with another blogger who has just moved over to Patheos. No doubt Jame's original question was probably prompted from a tweet that came from my introductory post here on Patheos. His blog is coming from a very different perspective to mine and is called Future Temple.  Here is what we said, oldest posts at the bottom, and as is often the case in these discussions some of our replies to each other get a bit jumbled, but I think you can … [Read more...]

Human rights: a fallacy in an age of secular consumerism?

"Only the Christian faith believes the myth that human beings are special, we are not just objects" claimed Michael Ramsden today in the online stream of the Global:Church forum.  Ramsden travels widely, and has heard leaders from other parts of the world query if it is time to simply drop the whole concept of "human rights."There are two reasons some are making this suggestion. Firstly, especially to those of no faith, people are not inherently special, and we are increasingly urged to view … [Read more...]

Evangelicals should support a Mormon’s right to be President

Be careful what you wish for. Many American Evangelicals are no doubt approaching the forthcoming elections with a sense of apprehension. And well they should, but for different reasons than perhaps they realise. I appreciate that I comment as an outsider on goings on in the USA at what I perceive as a time of national madness that comes round every four years (although with midterms, perhaps it never stops!). But, I think that very separation helps me to see things differently, and after all I … [Read more...]

Help iPhone 5 maps find your business or church

This post will encourage you to stop moaning about all the problems with iOS and iPhone 5 maps and instead start doing your bit to help fix Apple Maps and get your church or business listed so people can find you with their iPhone.Millions of people will soon have an iPhone 5. Millions more will upgrade to iOS 6 despite all the coverage about the deficiencies of Apple Maps. The vast majority will not know that there are ways to go on using Google maps (the easiest of which is to simply visit … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 Maps debacle may not be entirely Apple’s fault

In this post I will explain why in part I blame Google, TomTom and Yelp! Apple have a well-earned reputation for introducing things that "just work."   Unfortunately, there is no way of denying it, even for an Apple fan-boy,  this is not one of those occasions.There is no doubt that the Maps app is beautiful, and that it will surely improve, but at least today, as one writer puts it, the icing is great but there are serious issues about the cake!  Just to begin with, however, if you are wo … [Read more...]

Why one of the best things you can do on Twitter is point to other people

Today I discovered a tool that confirmed something I have long suspected. The virtual crowds of people who follow people on Twitter do not overlap as much as you might suspect. As a result one of the most helpful things you can do is help your followers find other people you enjoy reading. Don't assume that even if you have far fewer followers than your personal favourites, everyone following you must "surely" have already heard of them and decided to follow or not. One of my closest friends … [Read more...]

The scandal of 6 million abortions to save the lives of 143 women

In the UK we have a peculiar form of hypocrisy about abortion.  When the law allowing abortion was passed (note to my American readers, this was passed by an act of parliament, not a ruling of unelected  judges)  it was argued that abortion was needed to save the lives of women.  Even the most traditional pro-life Christians would agree that if there is truly a risk to the life of a woman (eg a ruptured ectopic pregnancy) then abortion should be allowed.  Really it should probably not even be cal … [Read more...]