YOU are invited to our International Day to celebrate the goodness of God in London

This weekend we will be taking over the Lee Valley Athletics stadium and gathering the whole of Jubilee Church together at one time. We will be celebrating the way God has brought together in our one local church more than 70 nationalities. The video in this embedded Facebook post will help you get an idea of what the day will look like. If you are able to get to Enfield in North London this Sunday you will be very welcome to join us. If you like the video please share it on Facebook so your … [Read more...]

Obama Addresses the Race Issue Head On

I am not an American. I don't like to interfere with American politics. This post should certainly not be construed as any kind of endorsement or rejection of any particular candidate for President of the United States. Last time I checked, only Americans have the responsibility of selecting the leader of the free world! I do appreciate, however, the strength of feelings on all sides that Obama, and more recently the comments by his ex-pastor, have ignited. You should not try and read into this … [Read more...]

Legalism, Racism, and the First Century Jew

In his book, The Future of Justification, John Piper addresses the issue of legalism and the first century Jew. Piper responds to some of the notions of the New Perspectives people who claim that first century Jews had not drifted from the grace message of the Old Testament into legalism. He explains . . .“In regard to the second objection to the general view that “the Jew keeps the law out of gratitude, as the proper response to grace,” it is important to see that, from Jesus’ standpoint, relati … [Read more...]