Using Technology to serve your church – Mark Driscoll and Jeff Vanderstelt

I plan on blogging about some of the tech tools that can help churches. To begin, I thought I would share this video from The City which is an interview with two pastors on how tech has helped them. It is a long flowing conversation, and should give you a good idea of how things like The City can help. … [Read more...]

The all-new Jubilee Church London Website

I am delighted to announce that we have launched a new version of our church's website: The site will allow you easy access to video and audio sermons from our site, as well as video trailers about our church and some of our events. I hope you enjoy browsing it.For the techie people among you it is a Wordpress site (though some say it deoesn't look much like it). It utilizes the fantastic Thesis theme, as well as Total Cache, a CDN, and the Meteor Slides plugin, … [Read more...]

Internet to Surpass 2 Billion Users This Year

We simply cannot afford to neglect the medium of the Internet as Christians.  It truly does represent a revolution in human communication as far-reaching as the book itself. The following article states that approximately a third of the worlds population will be online in just a couple of months: By the end of 2010, 71% of the population in developed countries will be online, compared to only 21% of people in developing countries. Regionally, 65% of the population is online in Europe, 55% in the … [Read more...]

We are not in Spain!

Just a quick note to say that one of our email accounts was hacked this morning. We are not in Spain and do not need help getting home! It seems that the password was too easy to guess. You might want to think about changing your own password right now as right now  someone else has all those personal emails that gmail kindly stores (and we don't as they kindly deleted them!)   I do hope no one sent this crook any money! … [Read more...]

Dispelling a myth: Apple products DO have technical glitches

Apple marketing, and Apple users like me, have a tendency to almost gloat that "it just works." The vast majority of time that claim is true, to be honest. Owning an Apple product really does mean not having to worry about viruses or spy ware, not having to reinstall the operating system to speed it up again, and not worrying about drivers or programs being incompatible. It means eagerly installing upgrades to operating systems the day they come out. It really is a joy. Before today, I had … [Read more...]

iPad vs Kindle as an e-reader device

In the video below (from Tim Challies on the Kindle vs iPad) you can see how both an Amazon Kindle and an iPad work as e-readers. What a lot of people don't immediately realise is that the iPad can actually work as a Kindle, allowing you to use Apple's swanky new device with any e-books you already own, or subsequently purchase from the Amazon store. Thus there are two bookstores on the iPad. Allow Tim to demonstrate:Watch Kindle vs iPad on Vimeo … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Adrian Warnock with Pete Greasley’s iPad

Watch on Vimeo (works on iPhone or iPad)This video says it all. And as a direct result, I bought myself an iPad on a business trip to the Newark area this week! … [Read more...]

First Ever adrianwarnock. com Reader Survey

I would like to invite you to take a survey to help me get to know you more and plan for the future. We are actually hoping to get a redesign up very shortly (possibly even this week), so this will give us a good baseline to look at what people think of the new site after they have had a chance to get used to it. So, please take just a few moments of your time and click here to take the survey. … [Read more...]

Logos Bible Software and Snow Leopard Beware!

If you are a Mac and Logos user, you might want to delay installing the Snow Leopard update of Mac Os X by hopefully just a few days or so. Apple's publicity for this version of its operating system over the last few months can't seem to decide whether to describe this almost as a minor update or as a whole new operating system. The truth seems to be that while there are not very many new features on this upgrade, the whole code has been rewritten [UPDATE: this is actually not correct, tho the … [Read more...]

Apple Is Giving Me A New Macbook Pro!

Yes, you read that right! And it has nothing to do with me being a blogger (sometimes I think I should have become a tech blogger- imagine that free samples of the latest gadgets to review!)I told you at the end of last week that I had a Macbook breakdown. Well, I simply took the laptop into the Apple Store, dropped it off, and the next day I had a phone call. The logic board had died, I was told, and because I had AppleCare and they had previously replaced my logicboard several times already … [Read more...]