The Internet – A Curse And A Blessing

This was posted on the Jubilee News/Blog site yesterday:The embedded video teaches a simple lesson The internet is a curse and also a blessingThe individual now has a voice; No longer just the "big boys"You can complain from your room; and even bring others doom.May the Christian never forget; the internet is a huge asset,Not to hurt innocent people, But to propagate the gospelTope … [Read more...]

Wolfram Alpha: A Whole New Equation in Search

Finally an event in online search that introduces something very different to google. But,the very impressiveness of today's release, Wolfram Alpha is it is not trying to do what google already does.Who needs a scientific calculator? You can throw yours away today and calculate any mathematical equation online for free. But that is just the beginning. Let's suppose you don't remember a formula. Say for example you wanted to know the area of a circle which was 6cm across. A simple English … [Read more...]

Easter Wouldn't Be Easter Without A Row About The Atonement

The battle lines continue to be clearly drawn despite the best efforts to be "charitable" to both sides by those who try to occupy the middle ground. In an outrageous newspaper article which only cites one Bible verse and even that out of context, Giles Fraser declares "What vicious God would demand Jesus sacrificed for our sins? We should ditch this view of Easter"I am not surprised by the strong language used by the opponents of the view of the cross generally called "penal substitutionary … [Read more...]

EOS 5D Mark II Testing Rode Videomic and iMovie

EOS 5D Mark II Testing Rode Videomic and iMovie from Adrian Warnock on Vimeo.This is just my third piece of video. For some reason I cant seem to get it to autofocus, and I also cant seem to get it to "freeze" the settings using the star button. So because of that I havent got both of them quite in focus.But none of that was the real point of the video. I wanted to compare the on board mic and the Rode Mono Videomic. This required stitching the two videos together. I noticed that iMovie … [Read more...]

2nd EOS 5D Mark II Test – George Sleeping

2nd EOS 5D Mark II Test Video - George Sleeping from Adrian Warnock on Vimeo.Well, we figured out how to use a tripod! We also set it onto the green square automatic setting and used a manual focus, honing in on the baby's eyes before filming. I quite like this effect. But we are of course still learning and this is only the second clip we took. … [Read more...]

1st Video With EOS 5D Mark II

1st Canon EOS 5D Mark II Video from Adrian Warnock on Vimeo.This is shot straight out of the box. We just switched it on, took some photos, then enabled the video mode and pressed the button in the middle of the familiar control wheel and this was the result. The video has to have its resolution decreased before uploading, and we used quicktime player pro for this. There is much more we can do better, but this was a lot of fun. … [Read more...]

New Macbooks Live Coverage of Announcement

If you are excited about the new Mac Notebooks, go to one (or both?!!) of the following URLs providing live coverage, including photos of the announcement happening RIGHT NOW!ENGADGET and/or GIZMODOA video is also available on the Mac website now.(HT Ian Jukes on iChat) … [Read more...]

DO NOT Buy a Macbook or a Macbook Pro

I never thought I would say this, but hold on to your plastic. You really DON'T want to be buying a Mac laptop right now. Have I gone insane? Am I converting back to PC? No, don't worry, this Mac evangelist is not about to backslide into the world of WINDOZE. It's just that all the rumors about Apple soon to significantly update its range of laptops is getting closer to being true by the day.The following MacRumors article certainly would be enough on its own for me to just wait a few days … [Read more...]

Adding Bible Content Automatically

Most Christian websites and blogs will have biblical references scattered throughout their text. But how much better would it be if that content could be automatically linked to one of the Bible websites that are out there? Well, I suspect it could be even better if, instead of merely inserting a link, you could automatically insert a little pop-up window that revealed the text without even leaving the website. That's exactly what I can now do here on the blog.That's just what those wonderful … [Read more...]


Maybe you didn't even miss us, but if you did, I am sharing an e-mail below that I received in my inbox shortly after returning from the USA on Saturday, which explains why you have been unable to reach my site. Nine thousand servers (and hence probably 100,000 websites) going down in one day is a massive deal! This kind of event is obviously almost unprecedented, and I am grateful for the efforts of our hosts in dealing with this difficult situation, as well as their regular updates. But it … [Read more...]