Logos Mac Alpha is Here

Its not complete. Several important features do not work yet. BUT, you can now get Logos Bible Software to work on a mac! I really, really like the interface. If you own a mac, and either have a second PC or run parallels there is no no reason NOT to buy a logos package of your own as you CAN use your unlocked PC books on the new mac version. Dont uninstall Parallels yet as its still early days. If you are like me, and don't want to waste too much hard disk space you can get parallels logos … [Read more...]

26th Most Read Post – 25% Off Logos Bible Software

No. 26 on the list of most-read posts on this blog appeared on July 28, 2006, and announced an offer to my readers from Logos Bible Software. If you don't yet own this software, the offer is still available now. If you purchase through my site, I receive some reimbursement as a result.   If you decide to budget for this invaluable resource, you will not regret this, I'm sure! I'm delighted to be able to bring you a very special deal from one of my favorite Christian companies. Logos Bible … [Read more...]

30th Most Read Post: How to Use the New Google Calendar

No. 30 on the list of most-read posts on this blog appeared on April 15, 2006, and introduced us to a tool which is invaluable in helping teams to collaborate for free. Google calendar is a helpful gift to the world from what some are calling the new Microsoft. Actually, am I the only one who is starting to worry about Google's total dominance?"Yesterday I linked to Google's new calendar (together with many other bloggers!). This is such a fantastic tool I felt I just had to tell you a bit more … [Read more...]

Christmas Present Ideas – Bible Software

I have already told you how much I love books. Every book needs a Christian owner who will cherish it, care for it, place it lovingly on a bookshelf, and, ideally, even read it! But the truth is, with so many great books on the market today, most of us simply don't have time to read every book from cover to cover. Of course, it's good to sit with a book and just read it. But there are also times when we want to dip into books. Times when perhaps we are studying a certain passage in Scripture. … [Read more...]

Technology and God the Provider

Adrian is away on business for a couple of days, and he has asked me to stand in, so apologies in advance if this is not up to the usual high standard!We had an engineer round to our house today to investigate why our Internet connection has been so erratic. In this day and age many of us have become dependent on technology of this sort to help us organize our lives. We may have all our phone numbers, addresses, photos, accounts, records, recipes, correspondence, assignments, and other documents … [Read more...]

Facebook or Courtbook From the Man Who Kissed Facebook Goodbye

So, although Josh Harris has kissed Facebook goodbye, he has this to say to the rest of us, especially singles:Enjoy Facebook. And if you're a godly single man, receive it as a gift from God to assist you in nonchalantly building a friendship with a godly Christian woman. I'm serious, men! If you're mature enough to pursue marriage, Facebook should be "Courtbook" for you. Don't just sit there, get on the ball and go "poke" a godly girl. … [Read more...]

Photography With a MacBook and iPhoto – Rob Rufus Photos

Observant readers of my blog will have noticed that I didn't post any larger photos of Rob Rufus when I spoke about Together On A Mission and interviewed Rob Rufus. One reason for this was that the snapshots I took while we were together were ruined in my hurry as I had the camera on the wrong setting. As a result the color was all wrong and I thought they were beyond salvation. Well, my MacBook and the wonderful iPhoto software came to the rescue. I have never been able to understand … [Read more...]

Adrian and Henry Say More About Their Apple MacBook

The second installment in my Mac videos, in which I mention Logos Bible software, parallels and also some of the other things that make the jump tricky for a PC user. … [Read more...]

Adrian Speaks About His Switch to an Apple MacBook

In this video I share my first reactions to the Mac … [Read more...]

Your Chance to Save Lange's Commentary for Future Generations

I got the following in an email from Logos. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of this work and ensuring it is passed down to future generations who will increasingly use only electronic books, now is your chance. It could be a good investment of $200. Lange's Commentary on the Holy Scriptures is one of the most passionately requested titles we have had in a long time. Unfortunately with 24 oversized volumes coming in at almost 14,000 pages of commentary — its size makes it very costly f … [Read more...]