Your Chance to Save Lange's Commentary for Future Generations

I got the following in an email from Logos. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of this work and ensuring it is passed down to future generations who will increasingly use only electronic books, now is your chance. It could be a good investment of $200. Lange's Commentary on the Holy Scriptures is one of the most passionately requested titles we have had in a long time. Unfortunately with 24 oversized volumes coming in at almost 14,000 pages of commentary — its size makes it very costly f … [Read more...]

Christian Blogosphere Begins to Apostasize

Bill Gates beware! Phil Johnson has bought a Mac! I wasn't going to tell you this quite yet, but this same week I too have taken the plunge and ordered a MacBook. I didn't go for the pro, not just because of the cost but because I think that I will prefer a small screen for many purposes. When I want a big screen I can plug it into a monitor at home - and even create a multi-screen system where your desktop is spread between both. I did however upgrade the RAM to 2GB to optimise performance - … [Read more...]

The Risks and Rewards of Using Technology in Sermon Preparation

Note: I originally wrote this article for where it appeared on February 26, 2007.__________________________________________________Technology helps me in both my sermon preparation and in my personal devotional life. By technology, I’m referring specifically to the Internet and Bible software. I love it and have no apology for using it to discover insights from God’s Word and to improve the quality of my preaching.People have three different reactions when I talk to them abo … [Read more...]

Martyn Lloyd-Jones and Logos Bible Software

Regular readers of my blog will be aware of my love for Doctor Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Back in August I did a summary post listing my regular posts from the Doctor. I thought that today I would link to the posts I have written and then speak about an exciting way that you can easily get your hands on a wealth of material from the Doctor. (If you want to cut to the chase see the following two links: Selected Works of Martyn Lloyd-Jones and Exposition of Ephesians.)   It is important that I … [Read more...]

FACEBOOK – Resistance is Futile

At the current rate of growth I guess everyone on the planet will eventually have a facebook account! I have had one for a while, and a number of you my lovely readers have been kind enough to make me your friends. I know that during my "light month of blogging" in August I shouldn't get too sucked into the world of facebook. But it has been fun. And resistance is futile - we will all be assimilated.So, for the one or two of my readers who are not already in facebook get yourself an account pop … [Read more...]

How to Use the New Google Calendar – Including Outlook Synchronization

UPDATE In January of 2008, the following article was identified as the 30th most popular post with readers of this blog on a list of the top thirty most-read posts of all time.This post introduces us to a tool which is invaluable in helping teams to collaborate for free. Google calendar is a helpful gift to the world from what some are calling the new Microsoft. Actually, am I the only one who is starting to worry about Google's total dominance?***************Yesterday I linked to Google's new … [Read more...]

Microsoft changes its position on Chinese bloggers!

Today is a day for good news! Freedom for Chinese people is of course tied up with freedom for Chinese bloggers, and microsoft have made a potentially costly decision which I applaud.Microsoft amends blog shutdown policies "The Redmond software company, operator of a popular blogging technology called MSN Spaces, said Tuesday that it will endeavor to make blogs available to users elsewhere even if Microsoft decides it is legally obliged to block them in a particular country. The company also … [Read more...]

New Blogging technology- Blogger for word

The all new Blogger for word should revolutionise my blogging experience.  No more excuse for those typos.  No more posts lost at the last second during the publishing process.  No more weird formatting errors.  This has got to be a massive advance for everyone who uses the Blogger software! Pop over and download it now! … [Read more...]

Y!Q another new blogging technology

I have just implemented Y!Q which allows you to find more information about subjects I post on right from the post. It should be possible to implement it in whatever blog system that you use so that the "context" it searches is always your blog post title!Its all part of the value added service! … [Read more...]

Blogdom of God- pleas for technical assistance

Managing the Blogdom of God which continues to grow becomes a headache after a while!What I am wondering is if anyone out there would either know of a technical solution that would already do the following, or has the savvy to create one.I would love a computer to be able to do this- 1. Read the Blogdom of God Blogroll as served by the Truth Laid Bear and obtain a list of URLs on a regular basis 2. Visit these URLs and autodiscover their RSS feeds 3. Aggregate those feeds automatically into … [Read more...]