VIDEO – Magic Kingdom and DisneyQuest

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VIDEO – Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Steven Spielberg ought not to be afraid. With my video skills, I'm no threat to him, I know. But, here is some video we took at our favorite Disney park - previously known as MGM Studios. … [Read more...]

VIDEO – Disney’s Animal Kingdom

This is Disney's answer to the traditional zoo. A day at Animal Kingdom which combines roller coasters with seeing animals in a safari-like condition. … [Read more...]

VIDEO – Disney’s Epcot

I'm still struggling with the transition to real life and the UK time zone. Two-week holidays seem to disorientate me a bit, but I'm certainly not expecting any sympathy, nor do I deserve any!I will stop annoying you with details of our amazing time soon. But at least as I share this video, you know that I'm now no longer in Florida enjoying our holiday of a lifetime, and am instead suffering the British winter weather!The video begins in the world of Canada, then we journey through … [Read more...]

Home Again!

We're home again! The reunion was sweet, although the three of us are rather tired. I worked today, while both Henry and Tamasin spent some time sleeping. Unfortunately, none of us slept a wink on the plane!This was the longest I've been away from my dear wife, and the longest I have been in America. We even found ourselves talking about "restrooms" and "strollers" and "pacifiers"—words for which most of my English friends would need an interpreter. Sadly I gained about 3 kg. during the last two … [Read more...]

Magic Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon, and Downtown Disney

On Thursday of last week we went to Magic Kingdom and then to Downtown Disney. Magic Kingdom was the first theme park. It's amazing in its architecture and totally unique. But to be honest, we felt it was showing its age a little. It IS a magical world. It IS an amazing sight. But on the day we visited, two of its main thrilling rides were closed (including one which broke down that day). I understand that the roller coasters are not as fear-inducing as those at Universal, but there's no doubt … [Read more...]

Visiting Metro Life Church of Orlando

Today I visited Metro Life Church in Orlando, which is part of Sovereign Grace Ministries. This is the home church of blogger, Jesse Phillips, and is led by Danny Jones, Senior Pastor, who is a part of SGM’s apostolic team.The venue was very nice, and as the worship began I felt very comfortable, having been warmly welcomed. The worship time was upbeat, and the modern songs were carefully chosen for their rich theological content. There were several prophetic words—given mostly in the first per … [Read more...]

More Animal Kingdom Pictures

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Disney's Animal Kingdom

Yes, it really is true that we managed to take all the above photos during a single day at the Animal Kingdom this week. Back on Wednesday, which seems an age away now, we spent a fantastic day on the wilder side of Disney. Actually, we got there closer to lunch time than opening time. (We are now firmly on American time and are no longer waking very early every morning as we did for the first few days!) We saw everything we wanted to and had no need at all for Fastpass. The rides were good, … [Read more...]

Disney's Hollywood Studios (Previously MGM)

On Tuesday we visited Disney's answer to Universal Studios. It's not as big as its rival, but has lots of rides and shows. Fantasmia lived up to its reputation at the end of the day. The Tower of Terror set a mildly horror-based scene which was an irritating distraction to the real basis of the ride—a crazy, randomly generated sequence of rapid rises and drops in a demented elevator. It was a real hit and the ride that we have repeated the most times (except for the Universal roller coasters). T … [Read more...]