Other Activities at Discovery Cove

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Swimming with Dolphins at Discovery Cove

There is even less that I can say about today than yesterday. I'm almost speechless, which is a rare thing for me! Discovery Cove was not cheap. But I'm glad I spent the money. The photos above tell our story, but don't show the amazing snorkeling pool full of wonderful fish you can see up close and personal or the Lazy River. I've received several questions from readers which I thought I'd answer right here . . . First . . . No! I have not received funding from the Florida Tourist Board or any … [Read more...]

VIDEO – Shuttle Launch at Kennedy Space Center

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Shuttle Launch at Kennedy Space Center

What can I say about a day that truly was unique? Experiencing the simulator version of a shuttle launch in the Shuttle Experience, then climbing inside one, then learning about the International Space Station in a 3D IMAX movieā€”all before seeing a real launch live . . . not many people get to do that! We were so glad that the weather held out as there had been concerns earlier in the week that a storm might delay things. It was fantastic to spend the day with Jesse Phillips and his son. We were … [Read more...]

VIDEO -Jurassic Park River Ride

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Universal's Islands of Adventure, Orlando

We are back in our hotel room after a long day in the second of Universal's parks. This was an amazing day and we enjoyed it immensely, as you can probably tell from our photographs. The Hulk roller coaster towered terrifyingly above us as we entered the park. The noise was rather imposing also. I plucked up all my courage and showed real leadership (although at the time I wondered if it was stupidity!). The worst part of the ride was getting into the carriages. Once you were past the point of … [Read more...]

Wet n' Wild in Orlando, Florida

We learned an invaluable lesson today about vacations in Florida. You really can't do it all, and you actually don't want to. Having spent a stimulating and enjoyable day at Universal Studios yesterday, we took someone's advice and decided to have a day at a waterpark before hitting Islands of Adventure tomorrow. The idea of a less full day in-between parks is very sensible. On the way into the park, we were feeling excited, and only mildly apprehensive at the sheer height of the slide rides. We … [Read more...]

VIDEO – Tired in Universal Studios Orlando

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Orlando Photos

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Super Bowl Aftermath at Universal Studios

This morning I was able to confirm what I had suspected last night by the pool. For the first time in my life I was watching the Super Bowl. Watching is probably too strong a word for it as I was dividing my attention between the big outdoor screen, my kids who were swimming, and the book I was reading. The occasional word I actually understood from the screen and the cheers which went up at various points during the incomprehensible action were strong hints that I was, in fact, watching … [Read more...]