Somethings been happening to me this week……..

This has been a great week so far. Despite having to travel when I wasnt expecting to and some logistical issues that arrose as a result, I have felt closer to God. I have felt a strength growing within me, a greater desire to know God more and my desire for holiness has been increasing. I have felt good, really good. So much so that I was starting to ask myself why. Then tonight when I felt the blessing of God as I spoke about Why did Jesus Die at Alpha, even doing that felt somehow different. … [Read more...]

Advice for Americans coming to the UK

Hat tip to A New Kind of Christian"MONEYThe Brits have peculiar words for many things. Money is referred to as 'goolies' in slang, so you should for instance say 'I'd love to come to the pub but I haven't got any goolies.' 'Quid' is the modern word for what was once called a 'shilling' - the equivalent of seventeen cents American.MAKING FRIENDSIf you are fond of someone, you should tell him he is a 'great tosser' - he will be touched. The English are a notoriously tactile, demonstrative … [Read more...]

Blogging from my hotel

After being in three different European countries in two days its great t be able to blog from the comfort of my hotel room. I was lucky enough to be delayed at Heathrow the other day so that in fact from my waiting lounge window I got a perfect view of the last three commercial landings of concorde. This made me think of several things. 1stly life is about being in the right place at the right time and mostly that is about luck. 2nd despite the first point those who suceed in life are those … [Read more...]

A job I love……

A few weeks ago I asked, work-curse or call? I can honestly say that whilst it is hard work and involves a significant amount of travel I am truly enjoying it. Some of the people I work with are a real joy, and I feel like for now I have really found the place I fit. If you are thinking of making a move towards a job for which you are truly suited, go for it- I recommend it.I preached on work this sunday and among onther things asked-o Do you seek to better yourself in your career so you … [Read more...]

Learning to cope with partners who travel

My poor wife had to cope with me being in the USA shortly after I started my new job. I am sure she would have agreed with a woman who was quoted in the telegraph as sayinghaving his comatose body home two days ahead of his mind drives me nuts.This was certainly true of me after that trip! In fact I slept for ages on my return and twice thought I was in my hotel room on waking up. One of these times I was convinced I had another woman lying next to me in bed. I couldnt understand it as that … [Read more...]