Between Two Worlds: Pearcy: Why ID Will Win

Nancy Pearcy has written an article listing reasons why she believes the intelligent design movement will eventually triumph over darwinianism HTBetween Two Worlds:1. The affirmation of design is good for science. 2. Contrary to the way it is often portrayed, ID does not thrive on 'gaps' in science but rather on the growth of science. 3. ID incorporates the insights of the high-tech world of information theory. 4. ID recovers the unity of truth 5. ID accords with the ideals of a free and open … [Read more...]

God's Will and the fruit of the Spirit.

Good morning, I know for some of you it's good afternoon. The blogosphere is a little slow this morning, well, except for politics.One story I want to highlight is at The Christian Mind and is about learning the Will of God for our lives. Jollyblogger also highlights it and has some additional thoughts.Question for discussion: Does anyone ever get concerned with God's Will when it comes to blogging?I'm studying and writing this morning so I will leave you with the passage that I am working … [Read more...]

It really is all about Jesus.

Many, many thanks to Broken Messenger who's otherwise somewhat embarrassing post introduced me to the iMonk who I am now ashamed to admit I hadnt come accross before. There is no doubt in my mind that this kind of service- introducing bloggers to one another is one of the greatest things any blogger can do- no matter how big or small a blog they host. One of the wonders of every single blog out there is that they act as some kind of network node linking blogs together that at least in the mind … [Read more...]

Open Theism- just another form of neo-liberalism?

Sean does a great job of defining and dispatching open theism in one post. To me this is a great example of what I have been calling neo-liberalism. Remaking God in our own image was never a good idea. I challenge any emergant church or other reader of my blog who holds to that view to try and defend it biblically- I do not believe that you will find it very easy. As philosphically attractive as such an idea may appear at first sight, to my view it is just plain unbiblical and WRONG! So … [Read more...]

The simple gospel explained

I cant remember the last time one of my posts caused such a stir as my wife's simple gospel has done. It is amazing how much controversy the gospel can still cause. In this post I would like to do the rounds of what people have been saying and also restate the gospel in my own words. People keep saying that it was me who wrote those ten points- it wasn't.I will restate the gospel in a way that would probably not be understandable to a four year old but hopefully will make sense to most of my … [Read more...]

A Christian worldview – more from Nancy Pearcey

The book Total Truth is proving very interesting indeed. Her central thesis is quite clearly described and is very well explained. If only the neo-liberals were as good at explaining themselves it would make our task of critquing and responding so much easier.Christianity is not a series of truths in the plural but rather truth spelled with a capital "T" Truth about total reality not just about religious things....Christians are called to redeem entire cultures, not just … [Read more...]

Put away childish things

Last Sunday I spoke on legalism as being dead religion that occurs when God seems distant. Unfortunately much Christianity seems to advocate just such a view. No wonder Ludovic Kennedy in Guardian Unlimited: Put away childish things today stated Every week in their churches Christians belt out in hymn after hymn that "God" is just and merciful and wise, yet also, they claim, invisible, inaccessible and silent as night. These attributes are contradictory, for if the latter are true, the former … [Read more...]