Spurgeon on the Extent of Salvation – Will More be Saved than Lost?

There is no doubt that of all the doctrines of Calvinism, the so-called limited atonement is the most misunderstood and controversial. Sadly, many interpret this as indicating that salvation itself is "limited" and that few will be saved. Spurgeon clearly didn't think so as this extract from one of his sermons will show. Incidentally, this is preaching as it ought to be! My Spurgeon Challenge remains open, but at least this shows Spurgeon speaking about something similar to the sentiments I … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Wendy Alsup – A Deacon at the Church Mark Driscoll Leads, Part 3

It is a pleasure to welcome to my blog today, Wendy Alsup, who is a member of Mars Hill Church Seattle—led by Mark Driscoll. Wendy is a mother of two, and Deacon in charge of Women's Theology and Training. There has been a lot of controversy about Mark Driscoll in the blogosphere, so I thought it would be great to get an insider's look at what it is like to be a member of the church he leads. For more information, see Mark Driscoll’s blog or the new look Mars Hill Church website – their video sec … [Read more...]

Christmas Greetings and a Review of 2006

Here's wishing all of you a great Christmas and a successful New Year where God blesses you richly in every way. Be prepared to be surprised, though, as God’s blessings don’t always look like we expect them to!This time of year my thoughts always turn both forwards and backwards. So I'd like—in what will be my final post before the end of this year—to wish you all a great break, and to review the year. I did this last year and again in 2004.Part of the purpose of this post is to give you a bumper … [Read more...]

INTERVIEW – Wayne Grudem, Part Six – Did Steve Chalke Blaspheme About the Atonement?

This interview is being serialised over several days. So far I have published part one, which focused on personal issues, and part two, in which we discussed Systematic Theology. In part three we explored Grudem's charge that feminism inevitably leads to a denial of Scripture's authority. Part four honed in on the "trajectory" arguments used on both sides of this debate. In part five we looked at the issue of women addressing church congregations. We now continue the interview with a look at a … [Read more...]

Interview with Mark Driscoll

UPDATESIn July 2008 I was able to record a video interview with Mark Driscoll. There are also a lot of other posts about him on my blog.In January 2008, the following post was identified as the number one all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 2nd most-read post was "Blogging, Discernment, and a Book by Tim Challies."Back in April 2006, I had only recently heard of Mark Driscoll. When we conducted this interview, he was already prompting quite a significant response … [Read more...]

Calvinistic newbie

My friend Dave Routlege shows his calvinistic training in his commentary about the history of his blog (which I helped him set up) arose. Astute readers will notice the correspondence to the five points of calvinism which cannot have been accidental (for more on the five points of calvinism follow the links at my post on Calvinism and worship. Anyway here is what Dave said:1.I was totally incapable of setting it up myself. (Total depravity)2.I did nothing to deserve it. (Unconditional … [Read more...]

Dying for the sins of the world, "Contradictions" and respect for the word of God

I tremble to contradict the pyromaniac, but I am afraid that I feel that his handling of 1 John 2:2 is almost certainly an example of trying to squeeze the bible into a doctrinal mould. In fact such exegetical gymnastics are only required for a view of the so-called "limited atonement" that I find totally alien even though I would describe myself as a five-point calvinist. It seems to me that it is not what you say you believe that matters most, but rather your whole approach to the bible. I … [Read more...]

Joel Edwards of the Evangelical Alliance comments further on the Steve Chalke debate

In a letter from the heart Joel Edwards says of Steve Chalke-Firstly, I am not convinced that Steve really has answered the plethora of key biblical texts dealing with the relationship between wrath, judgement and punishment. (Isaiah 53:1-11 and Romans 5:8-11 and the book of Hebrews for starters.) Apart from the concept of punishment, what can it possibly mean to say "the punishment that brought us peace was upon him,"? (Isa 53:5) These passages simply cannot be waved away by an emphasis on … [Read more...]

Its all about you Jesus……calvinism and worship

Well, this Christmas the carnival of the reformation has asked us to post about the centrality of Christ the "sola christus". This is a request I am only too happy to comply with and helps bring a number of threads together that I have been posting on lately.The last thing I posted was a link to our series on the book of acts Any good bible student knows of course that this book should really be called the acts of Jesus as Luke introduces it in such a way as to make clear he believes that … [Read more...]

Synchronised blogging

In a startling new development in my longstanding tag-blogging relationship with Jollyblogger, he and I have posted on the same subject within a minute of each other!!! Admittadly the posts were both part of a series, but it is somewhat amusing to me that without planning it we were quite this synchronised.L - Limited atonement (Five Points of Calvinism, Part 3) Dr Adrian Warnock's UK Blog Nov 30 19:34 Before we can ask what is "limited atonment" in todays' climate of doubt regarding our … [Read more...]