Arminians vs Calvinists a spectrum

In this post I outline an Arminocalvinist spectrum, and explain why it's not so simple as Arminians vs Calvinists. I think when we come to the Arminian / Calvinist debate we must understand it is not simply a clear cut issue.  When I meet other Christians and get to know them, the most important question I have is not whether they agree with every line of theology I have, and express that agreement with the same wordings I do. I am much more concerned with what is their attitude to the B … [Read more...]

Arminians vs Calvinists, daggers at dawn?

It need not always be this way. A while back I posted on the famous Wesley vs Simeon encounter which demonstrated that moderate Calvinists and moderate Arminians can in fact agree. If you are not aware of that incident, please do read about it. More recently, Luke picked up on my post which cheekily asked if Spurgeon was an Arminocalvinist and commented about me in the following post: "Calvinist Extends Hand of Friendship to Arminians."  He also linked to a helpful article written by an … [Read more...]

Was Spurgeon an Arminocalvinist?

I found the following quote initially on Solo Christo , but thanks to Logos Bible Software I was able to find more context for it. It turns out that on some matters Spurgeon was not the rabid Calvinist some people think him to be: There has long been a great doctrinal discussion between the Calvinists and the Arminians upon many important points. I am myself persuaded that the Calvinist alone is right upon some points, and the Arminian alone is right upon others. There is a great deal of truth … [Read more...]

Young, reformed and charismatic? Come to St Louis January 2011

Do you live in the USA? Are you reformed, and theologically persuaded that the charismatic gifts continue? Perhaps like many you have not seen a positive model of how they can be expressed in a Bible-loving environment. Are you longing for a more dynamic experience of the Spirit's power?If the above describes you, please come to St Louis January 14-16 2011 for the Mobilise student and twenties conference. I will be there live blogging this exciting conference, and my pastor Tope Koleoso … [Read more...]

Living between the ESV Study Bible and the Spirit Filled Life Bible

A couple of weeks back, Tope preached a very impactful sermon on the need for us to go on reading God's word. I have permission to share a short extract from that here, where Tope is in full flow urging people to study God's word. A line in there made me glad and I know will be of much interest to some of my readers. Tope recommended and uses two study bibles - the ESV Study Bible and the Spirit Filled Life Bible. He acknowledges the point that they do come at certain verses from different … [Read more...]

One Day: a personal perspective on a summer read guest post by Purple Claire

Today's blog comes from a new friend of mine, Purple Claire. Do go read her blog if you like her writing style:If I were the obsessive compulsive type – say, the kind of person who carries books around in their original Amazon packaging and shudders slightly when someone asks to borrow one, in case they break the spine – if I were that kind of person, I would have planned it: I started reading One Day on 15th July. For those not yet on the bandwagon, it’s a novel which charts the ups and downs … [Read more...]

New John Piper sermon: The Gospel and racial harmony

This past Sunday it was a joy to have John Piper with us at Jubilee Church in London. He seemed to be very much at home with us, and was clearly enjoying preaching one of the very few sermons he will preach this year. We benefitted greatly from this talk as Jubilee continues to aim to break the rule some church growth experts lay down, which argues that a church will always tend towards being largely monocultural. I thank God for the racial harmony and multicolored growth that we have … [Read more...]

Ed Stetzer Interviews Terry Virgo of Newfrontiers

Terry Virgo founded Newfrontiers back in the mid 1970s. He was church planting before it was cool. He formed a missional network before the phrase was coined. There are now over 700 Newfrontiers churches spread out on every continent. Most of these began as house churches. But many of them have grown to become warehouse churches. Each of these churches and the movement as a whole is founded on prayer. It is a movement that has aimed to reconstruct a New Testament model of church, convinced from … [Read more...]

A reformed charismatic in 1984

A very dapper looking Terry Virgo shows that as a young charismatic he was very much already reformed. This idea that reformed charismatics are a "new breed" is shown to be wrong by this video from Downs Bible Week alone. Now if only someone could find me some video of my dear departed friend and mentor Henry Tyler, or at least an audio recording. I still miss him sometimes, but thank God for the deposit he left behind in so many lives.Watch Terry Virgo at Downs on Vimeo (works with … [Read more...]

Sam Storms On Pastoring As A Reformed Charismatic

In the following interview, Sam and I speak about what it is like for him to pastor as a reformed charismatic. It is a very interesting exchange, and one I very much enjoyed filming: … [Read more...]