BLOGDOM TODAY – Car-jacking, Missional Swim Trunks, and the Holy Spirit

This is a round-up of some of the posts that caught my eye from the last week or so: First up, on items of clothing. It seems Martyn Lloyd-Jones may win a most peculiar contest over at Pyromaniacs - the things that lot get up to when I am not looking! Talking of which, the Pyros also talked up a storm about Mark Driscoll. I have to wonder just how unlucky Phil was - is that the first Driscoll sermon he has listened to, or has he been listening for a while looking for something to jump on? In all … [Read more...]

BLOGDOM TODAY – So What Did We Miss?

Well, I've just about caught my breath from the conference posts, but thought it might be an idea to just list a few things some of us might have missed whilst we have all been away. No pretty pictures in this post, I am sorry, but lots of lovely links to take up all the room instead!This week, I will not be as available as normal to interact with email and comments since I am traveling with work and will not have time in the evenings to blog, and then when I get back I have a sermon to prepare … [Read more...]

DG06 – Quotes from a Panel Discussion

Exhibiting The Value of Knowing God: has some great quotes from one of the panel discussions.Piper on studying for his new book:"A devastating thing to submit yourself to the 500 imperatives of Jesus in the Gospels. He is always pressing deep. Eleven weeks of having my heart exposed. Then clamoring for the second impression of the offerings of mercy for the sinner. Desolation and hope. The personal effect was to intensify my desire to be in the face of a post-modern world with the power of Jesus … [Read more...]

The Normal Christian Feelings

Today, over on TeamPyro, Dan Phillips has written an interesting post entitled, "Worship Feelings and What If?" For me the whole post brought to my mind an illustration. Imagine that two teams are climbing a mountain on opposite sides. If they are near the bottom, they could be miles apart. They will have a very clear view of the side of the mountain they are on, but no clue whatsoever what the team on the other side is facing. As they climb the mountain they will need to focus on their side, … [Read more...]

CHARISMATIC DEBATE – Finishing Off Dan Phillips

SUMMARYA friendly debate continues in this post with me first explaining why I hope I'm not your typical charismatic. I then explain why I believe Ephesians 4 demonstrates that these kinds of conversations are vitally important before engaging with a meandering list of issues. You can blame me for the disorganisation in this post since, although I am following Dan, he was following a staccato post I rattled off quickly one evening! The whole series demonstrates it really is possible to … [Read more...]

CHARISMATIC DEBATE – Responding to Dan's Objections

Last week I began my response to Dan Phillips by focusing on the importance of authentic relational Christianity. I had hoped that cessationists would have rallied to say something like, "Adrian, you are right about this bit — keep your tongues and prophecy to yourself, but we are as much in favour of a real emotional relationship with God as you are!"Sadly, this was far from the case. Even David Wayne begged to differ. John Piper, on the other hand, even seemed to take this a step further than I … [Read more...]

CHARISMATIC DEBATE – Responding to Dan Phillips

Well, finally I have managed to find time to begin to respond to Dan Phillips reply to my smattering of charismatic questions for cessationists. In his last post, Dan states so well the main drive behind my commitment to all of this, and it is with this that I intend to start. My second post will begin to address some of the specific arguments Dan raises."First, I'm struck by how fair and even-handed Adrian clearly strives to be, and I think he succeeds. It'd be a harsh read to hear him as … [Read more...]

ROUND-UP – The Holy Spirit and the Charismatics

I know some of you might think that all I ever blog about is the charismatic/cessationist debate and the gifts of the Spirit. At first sight, this list of over 90 posts might seem to confirm that. But, this list of posts amounts to only around 4 per cent of the total number of my posts so far. There is much more to this blog than the Holy Spirit, but as I can't seem to find time to write my new post series on this subject to answer Dan Phillips (I will do so eventually, honest!) - in the … [Read more...]

BLOGDOM TODAY – Preaching, Preachers, and the Holy Spirit

LIG DUNCAN ON BEING FILLED WITH THE SPIRITVIDEO PREACHERSPARTYING WITH PIPERBILLY GRAHAM REGRETSPROSPERITY/POVERTY THEOLOGYTOM SCHREINER ON PREACHINGLig Duncan on EphesiansLig's current expositional series - updated each week. Complete with mp3s and full sermon transcripts. Lig also shares outlines from time to time on his blog - e.g. Lig Duncan on the Consequences of Being Filled with the Spirit from Ephesians 5 where he answers the question "What happens when you are filled with the Spirit?"- … [Read more...]

While Warnie's Away, the Discussion on Tongues and Charismatic Gifts Continues

Well, here I am — just back from holiday — and what do I find? Talk about whilst the cat's away the mice will play?!?Over at TeamPyro, Dan has a four part response to my set of questions on tongues and gifts which I bashed out quickly before I left. I have read all of Dan’s posts and every one of the comments. Sadly, it seems that there are few, if any, charismatics who read TeamPyro, or if they do, they seem too frit of Dan to respond!I want to say right at the outset that I respect and admire D … [Read more...]