Challies interviews Dr. Wayne Grudem on charismatic gifts

Challies has published his Dr. Wayne Grudem interview I will just quote one extract for now to encourage you to go read the rest:I think we have in the twentieth century a historical aberration not essential to Reformed theology that cessationism has become the dominant view. … [Read more...]

Healing the charismatic rift?

Many many thanks to Justin Taylor who in a private email pointed me to an article by Vern Sheridan Poythress. Although bizzarely titled "Modern Spiritual Gifts as Analogous to Apostolic Gifts: Affirming Extraordinary Works of the Spirit within Cessationist Theology" I found next to nothing in this article that I disagreed with. If this article is cessationism then I am a cessationist. To me though it seems to be firmly on the charismatic side of the fence since the article argued for a … [Read more...]

The challenge remains out there: show me a single bible verse or passage that supports cessationism

Tim Challies in my comments section was outraged at my claim that cessationism does not rest on a single verse of scripture. I am sorry to be quite so provokative but in however many weeks of asking in public on my blog, not ONE blogger that I am aware of has been able to offer ONE argument that even mentioned a bible verse to support cessationism. Perhaps I have just missed it, but I havent seen any biblical support for such a view. There is nowhere that says gifts will stop before heaven. … [Read more...]

Apostles are meant for today- Challies wheels out the big guns in the charismatic debate

Challies has brought in the big guns and is interviewing Dr Sam Waldron and Dr Wayne Grudem on the subject of cessationism/charismaticism. Today, Sam Waldron has an interesting argument which is essentially a cascade argument:The people we read in my doctoral program (and at the same time these people that would assume that cessationism was nonsensical and not even discussable) would in almost the same breath admit or assume that Apostles no longer exist in the church today ("big A" Apostles). … [Read more...]

Speaking in Tongues: How Widespread is Faking?

In a challenge to us charismatics and pentecostals, Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength asks "Speaking in Tongues: How Widespread is Faking? "The fact that there are counterfeits around does not negate the true. For me, I received tongues suddenly and without anyone coaching me. I have however heard of people "coaching" at times. … [Read more...]

Recommending two pastor bloggers who are reformed charismatics

I havent much time to blog right now, but I do just want to point you to two of the veritable gaggle of reformed charismatics we now have forming. It is interesting how the storm that is the whole charismatic debate has had an incredibly positive effect over on this side of the blogosphere divide. Over the centuries heretics served the church well by causing a coming together of Gods people and a formulation of good doctrine. Whilst I wouldn't want to call Phil Johnson a heretic, he and others … [Read more...]

Settling some old scores the old fashioned way

Many thanks to Jacob Hantla for a link to "Google Fight". Its time to settle a few scores the old fashioned way. Step outside gentleman. Square up. Prepare to fight. Keep it clean boys.......The fixtures1. Reformed Charismatic vs Reformed Cessationist2. Phil Johnson vs Michael Spencer3. Jollyblogger vs Blogotional4. Joe Carter vs Hugh Hewitt5. ESV vs NIV6. Adrian Warnock vs Tim ChalliesWho will be the winners......?------------------------------------------------------Stop reading now if you … [Read more...]

So much for diversity and convergence – Southern Baptists ban tongues

Just when I was begining to think convergence was possible on the charismatic debate the southern baptists IMB have taken a renegade step in my view. They have banned all future missionaries from speaking in tongues. In classical Christian hypocrisy they have decided not to make that ruling retrospective. Anyone currently serving as a missionary can still speak in tongues privately. I cannot see the logic of this decision. If tongues is not of God why permit existing missionaries to continue … [Read more...]

So they didnt throw me out of the reformed blogosphere!

With all the recent hullabaloo over things charismatic I honestly thought Id be on a slippery slope towards no longer being seen as a reformed blogger! Imagine my surprise to read this Community Blog emtry: " me, the Calvinist blogosphere is made up of what is endorsed by Tim Challies, Phil Johnson, and Adrian Warnock......"Thats scary stuff! Does that make the four of us some kind of Godfathers or gangsters I ask myself? … [Read more...]

Calling all reformed charismatic bloggers

I am working on a list of Reformed Charismatic bloggers- if you are one and would like to be included in such a list please let me know. If you arent one and I have included you as one by acccident, please also let me know! I will post more about this probably later on to day, for now its off to work I go!UPDATEThis seems to be an idea of the moment. God is clearly doing something in gathering us reformed and charismatic bloggers together. I am so excited that requests to join are positively … [Read more...]