SERMON: The Trinity and You

This is the video of the sermon I preached this morning followed by a full set of notes.AudioHow do you tend to think of God? A Force or Power? A remote ruler? An angry judge?But the Bible reveals that God is intensely personal and he is very interested in you. HE wants to know you.  Part of getting to know someone is getting to know about someone. It is not enough to merely learn about them, but it is a helpful and necessary start. We must know why we believe what we believe and … [Read more...]

Desperate women required (1 Samuel 1)

I was reading 1 Samuel 1 and it struck me first of all how what is perhaps one of the greatest books in the Bible begins with a woman with difficult family issues and a desperate desire for a child.God does often use women in very significant ways at key points of redemption history: not least at the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus. The Bible is very far from being anti-woman.I do wonder wherever you or I might choose to stand on the complementarian / egalitarian spectrum if we … [Read more...]

New Evangelical Archbishop of Canterbury – Justin Welby

Today they have finally confirmed that the current Bishop of Durham, Justin Welby will become the next Archbishop of Canterbury, head of the Anglican church worldwide. My Church of England Evangelical friends are no doubt very pleased, but we must not underestimate the challenge Welby has ahead of him.The phrase "Bishop of Durham" still sends a chill down the spine of older evangelicals in the UK like me. One of the previous incumbents was infamous, and was so liberal he would not have been a … [Read more...]

Jesus, the liberator of women

I think that sometimes in our eagerness to debate we forget just how much we actually agree on. I really liked this post from Frank Viola here at Patheos Evangelical.  In it he explains how Jesus liberates women.  I may have written a complementarian spectrum, but I agreed with every word of the whole post and I predict almost every Complementarian I know would agree as well.In the spirit of Mary Magdalene — the first woman to set eyes on the resurrected Christ – women are free to testify … [Read more...]

What is an Evangelical?

In this post,  I offer a meaning of Evangelical, but this must be read in conjunction with my post "What is a Christian?" I do not claim in this post to be outlining the boundary markers of Christianity.  Evangelicalism is a part of the broader Christian movement. I also do not claim any special authority to lay out these principles which are not new to me.  It is true that Evangelicalism can be hard to define.  But this is I believe because it is more about attitudes than doctrinal sta … [Read more...]

Conclusions on the Egalitarian vs Complementarian debate

I did briefly consider writing a whole series about the gender issue following on from my debate with Rachel Held Evans and Owen Strachan, as well as two other recent posts here on my blog:Gender Roles – A Complementarian and Egalitarian Spectrum Bible verses that speak to gender roles or complementarian vs egalitarian spectrum – what do Scripture Passages say?I had wondered about dealing in detail with the arguments of Rachel Held Evans in her series entitled Mutuality 2012.  Howe … [Read more...]

Complementarian and Egalitarian Bible verses

I'm not planning today to go through the arguments for and against egalitarianism or complementarianism. I thought instead that as a follow up to my "spectrum" post I would share some of the key Scripture passages that people on both sides of this debate believe are important in our understanding of this debate. If you can think of any other crucial passages I have left out, do let me know in the comments section below, via Twitter, or email.As I mentioned yesterday, I will discussing this … [Read more...]

Gender: Complementarian vs Egalitarian Spectrum

On Saturday, on Premier Christian radio's Unbelievable? show and online I will be in a discussion about one of the most controversial subjects facing the Global Church today. I will appear together with Rachel Held Evans and Owen Strachan.  You can listen in online as it is broadcast at 2:30pm UK time or download it afterwards.I thought, to get us in the mood, I'd introduce you to another of my “theological spectrum” posts. Previous examples include the arminocalvinist-spectrum, charismatic s … [Read more...]

Your authority ends at the bedroom door: Doug Wilson, Jared Wilson and Rachel Held Evans controversy

I never thought I would write this blog post. There are some internet controversies that I know immediately that I will jump feet first into. There are others that I really don't feel like getting myself involved with. This one is definitely firmly in that latter group. My head tells me that there is more to lose than gain by getting involved. Today there are few issues more likely to raise emotions among professing Christians than discussions about gender. It's not actually an issue that I feel … [Read more...]

Follow McQuilkin not Robertson on Alzheimer’s and divorce

Ed Stezter has the best post I have read on a recent controversy over Pat Robertson's statement that a husband could divorce his wife because of her Alzheimer's disease. Stetzer brings a relatively recent example to bear on the subject. It is easy for someone who has never experienced such a thing to glibly reject such thinking. Far better to hear the example of someone like Robertson McQuilkin who has experienced it and determined to keep to his vows made before God out of the joy of laying … [Read more...]