How Jesus honored women through his death and resurrection

I share the following extract from Raised With Christ today because I am certain that no disciple could ever have thought about the death of Jesus without his or her sorrow being tinged with the wonderful joy of the resurrection. This quote shows how, in these pivotal events, Jesus chose to honor women: Matthew tells us that Jesus died more quickly than many victims of crucifixion, and his death was associated with some miraculous signs. “Jesus cried out again with a loud voice and yielded up h … [Read more...]

St. Joseph, Jeff Gates, and Micah Fries

I have had a great time here in St. Joseph, Missouri.  I traveled down with two men who I now call dear friends, Jeff Gates, the pastor at Living Hope Church, St. Joseph and Ben Roed, who with his lovely wife Peggy, are serving in Living Hope and are being well trained by Jeff. It was wonderful to see how clearly Peggy and Ben complement each other. They are relatively newly married, but it was obvious to see how much of a support Peggy is to him, and how her strengths will continue to … [Read more...]

Matt Chandler On The Role Of Men

I recently listened to these three talks from Chandler about how us men should be. As Matt puts it himself, in these talks he is "going after" us. If you are a woman, suggest your husband listens to these but don't nag him about it.  If you are a man, stop what you are doing and prepare to be as challenged as I was. May God help us all to live in the good of this message and make us better husbands and fathers:Defining Masculinity (transcript) Men as Husbands (transcript) Men as Fathers … [Read more...]

Wendy Virgo on Conferences and Influentual Women

Wendy Virgo from Adrian Warnock on Vimeo.Wendy is married to Terry Virgo, the leader of Newfrontiers. We spoke about what it's like traveling with Terry to hear him speaking about grace many times, about conferences, her impression of New Word Alive, about the Brighton Newfrontiers Conference, about Mark Driscoll and Wayne Grudem, and about her new book, "Influential Women." I wrote a summary of the interview for the on site paper which Terry has posted on his blog. … [Read more...]

Theology Is For Women Too

Wendy Alsup is a woman who should be greatly honored. She lives in Seattle with her husband Andy and has trained many women in theology over the years.I have interviewed her previously. More recently, she has published a book, Practical Theology For Women: How Knowing God Makes a Difference in Our Daily Lives, in which she talks about how theology really is relevant for women. My wife has been enjoying the book.I just recently discovered Wendy Alsup's blog. I was so impressed with the blog, I … [Read more...]

DWELL – Second Q and A with Mark Driscoll

With the permission of Acts 29, I have been sharing videos of the recent Dwell Conference, which took place in London. This video is the second Q and A session and is well worth watching as Driscoll gets typically candid. If you prefer, you can download the audio.For more information about Acts 29 and other free resources, see their website or the Resurgence blog. … [Read more...]

DWELL – Q and A with Dave Fairchild, Steve Timmis and Scott Thomas

Hear Dave Fairchild, Scott Thomas and Steve Timmis answer questions in this session from the Dwell Conference in London. Once again this is a longer video and so is hosted by Google Video rather than Youtube. You can watch it below or download the audio here. The Q and A spoke a lot about the role of the wife in church leadership. … [Read more...]

Mark Driscoll at MenMakers in Scotland

This second session, and sadly for Tope and myself our last session, was taken by Mark Driscoll. Mark was introduced by Andy Owen as someone who is a gift from God to the entire body of Christ.Mark started by telling his story. His upbringing, salvation, and the way his father also was saved made a moving story. He was thrilled to be able to report that the gospel really does work.Mark took us to Genesis 1-3 in order to look at our first father, Adam. The race is named man because men rule … [Read more...]

Andrew Owen at MenMakers in Scotland

Having spent yesterday evening listening to Mark Driscoll with church leaders, this morning's MenMakers conference was a men's event. The aim of the conference was to help us become “real men.” Sadly I will not be able to cover the whole event as we need to return to London. I will cover two sessions, however.The first one was taken by the leader of the Destiny network of churches, Andrew Owen, who spoke about being “tested to making point.” God said to Solomon, “Be the man.” What does that look … [Read more...]

Mark Dever on the Centrality of Complementarianism

Mark Dever is not a man who is shy of controversy. For example, during my recent interview with him, he stated concerning the book, Pierced For Our Transgressions, "If you don't like that book, you don't like Christianity!" Strong stuff!Before we leave Mark for awhile, I want to share with you once again some excerpts from what I believe has been his best blog post ever. It was written in 2006 and is entitled "Undermining Tolerance of Egalitarianism." Whatever your views on this subject may be, … [Read more...]