links for 2006-02-10 Evangelical Feminism & Biblical Truth by Wayne Grudem This book is Waynes latest and most rigorous defence of complementarianism. It is available to read online for free! (tags: book web theology textual femminism) Blogging the Gifts 1 Cor 12:1 (tags: gifts) GOD or NOT is coming to Cadmusings Do pop over here and submit an entry on faith if you are interested in getting some atheist have till midnight Sunday. If I get time I will enter.... … [Read more...]

Gender and bible translations links

Thanks to all my commentators for a bunch more links on the issue of gender. So in no particular order if you want to follow up on my previous posts on gender and bible translation here are some resources. This might also go some way towards answering David Warnock's call for reasons to trust the ESV.My own cursory glance makes me feel that no one translation has probably got this totally right, or at least they havent got it right for when gender neutral pronouns and the use of words like "man" … [Read more...]

Books every Christian should read : Recovering biblical manhood and womanhood

Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: A Response to Evangelical Feminism (Edited By John Piper and Wayne Grudem) is essential reading to help you form your own position in what may be one of the most important debates in the church at the current time- how to respond to feminism. What I like about the book is it doesnt simply assume that a 1950s view is correct. Instead, examining from all kinds of angles the book attempts to do what it says on the tin. Preaching a view that says women … [Read more...]

Book review- The Feminist mistake

As part of a project with the diet of bookworms I have been reading The Feminist mistakeThe author does a good job of cateloguing the thought of secular and religious feminists. It is clear that to the author the last fify years is a story of how a biblical view of feminism has been erroded and replaced with a form of femminism that has more in common with paganism than christianity. I found the story this book portrays deeply disturbing, and there were parts of it I simply could not read- … [Read more...]