Jesus Wants The Battered Rose

This clip is vintage Matt Chandler, and makes me wish he put his regular sermons online in video form. It is also a passionate explanation of the gospel and what is wrong with many churches: … [Read more...]

Dinner With A Friend From the Evangelical Alliance

I got home just a little while ago from grabbing dinner with a man who I am starting to see as a friend. I am usually a little nervous about leaders in the broader evangelical movement if I am honest. I worry that my friendships with the people that run New Word Alive might make some perceive me as their enemy–I do appreciate that I am probably wrong to think that way, at least in most cases! I did not have any such concerns meeting Krish Kandiah, but if I had he would have allayed them … [Read more...]

Billy Graham Newsreels From The 1950s

Pathe has masses of old video newsreels which were played before cinema films as a way of keeping up with the news back in the 1950s. Still fondly remembered and appreciated from that time are of course the missions of Billy Graham. Adrian Holloway at Newfrontiers Prayer and Fasting told us of some fantastic films which detail those events. You can imagine yourself there. It is wonderful to see the crowds and somehow the very English voice-over speaking about what happened makes it seem more … [Read more...]

Christ Himself – The Gospel Coalition Blog

From Christ Himself – The Gospel Coalition Blog: "Our faith is a person; the gospel that we have to preach is a person; and go wherever we may, we have something solid and tangible to preach, for our gospel is a person. If you had asked the twelve Apostles in their day, ‘What do you believe in?’ they would not have stopped to go round about with a long sermon, but they would have pointed to their Master and they would have said, ‘We believe him.’ ‘But what are your doctrines?’ … [Read more...]

What Would The Doctor Have Thought Of Sex Education?

The Doctor makes a strong point below, but I wonder if he might think differently in this society where our kids will learn about sex at school, and unless we are eternally vigilant, on TV. I do want my children to learn about these things form me and Andree, but at the same time I want to talk about it in a way that they are neither encouraged to sin, nor given the idea that sex is dirty and sinful. For more about sex and marriage, see Tope's recent sermon series which is ongoing. The Doctor's … [Read more...]

Real Help – Guest Post From Matt Kottman

It's the turn of Matt Kottman, the pastor of Calvery Chapel Leatherhead, UK who is both charismatic and judging from his sermon on Ephesians 1:3-6 is reformed as well, to guest blog during my break:I was reading this morning in Acts 16, and I thought I'd share something that stood out to me in the text.9 And a vision appeared to Paul in the night. A man of Macedonia stood and pleaded with him, saying, “Come over to Macedonia and help us.” 10 Now after he had seen the vision, immediately we … [Read more...]

I Have No Rights! Only Much Undeserved Grace

This morning I was challenged afresh by a simple tweet from my pastor Tope Koleoso. He wrote the following: "This new day begins with a new awareness. I have no rights to exist, except by the GRACE of God and for the GLORY of God. (Romans 3:23)"Less than 140 characters that demolish so many things we are taught by the world to hold dear. We are not to think of ourselves as innocent beings with the "human rights" to be treated better than we are by others. We do not deserve better treatment … [Read more...]

Break Free Of Your Old Fences

Came across this old quote from Brad Evangelista It reminded me that there is a wealth of interesting old material on the average blog which all too often sits there un-read and under-appreciated. The obsession with "newness" is one of the things I like least about blogging!Brad pictured this with a great story. When he was a young kid, he had a paper route. Everyday, he'd mount his Schwin and head off to deliver papers. A block away from his house lived a huge dog that was half wolf, half bear. … [Read more...]

T4G Statement – Article 8 – The Gospel of Grace

A long while ago I began a journey blogging through the Together for the Gospel Statement. I am sure that anyone who remotely remembers that I once did this would have been convinced that I would never get back to it. Today I surprised even myself by deciding that I really am determined to finish this. Perhaps ironically, their third conference—T4G 2010—has recently begun accepting bookings. What has happened to the last three and a bit years since this statement was penned? One thing … [Read more...]

In Jesus – Free New Christian Song that ROCKS by Phatfish

My friends at Phatfish, one of the coolest Christian bands out there have made available the title track of their forthcoming album for FREE download. I love it, and I am sure you will too. Watch this space for a special offer to buy the full CD or download at a special discount to readers of In the meantime, their compilation album, 15 is still available to order.The 'IN JESUS' tour starts in just a few days so if you are in the UK, book your tickets today. Catch the band … [Read more...]