John Piper on John Owen and Assurance of Salvation

There are few places where one can go to study church history more rewarding than Dr. John Piper's biographical talks. He has a way of opening up the life of a great hero of the faith and showing us what we can learn from them. I'm finding myself in John Owen's Communion with the Triune God quite consistently at the moment, and am now over half-way through the book. I am finding it to be sweet to the soul and, thanks to Justin & Company, relatively easy going on the eyes!I thought I would … [Read more...]

Was John Owen a Charismatic?

You may remember a simple definition of the word charismatic I shared from a recent book review which began: “Those who recognize that the gift of the Spirit is to be received . . .”While it is anachronistic to ask if John Owen was a charismatic, it is very interesting indeed that, like John Piper and Martyn Lloyd-Jones, he makes a clear distinction between the work of the Spirit in saving us and another experiential work that is available to those who desire a dynamic relationship with God. Her … [Read more...]

SERMON – Chosen By God (Ephesians 1) by Tope Koleoso

Last Sunday, my dear friend and leader, Tope preached the following sermon at Jubilee Church, London. This was the begining of a series whereby we intend to preach through the letter.Many people say that Romans and Galatians prompted the Reformation. I think it is true to say that it is the book of Ephesians that prompted what some people are calling the "second reformation." Certainly it is foundational to what I believe as a reformed charismatic.In this sermon, Tope focused on predestination. … [Read more...]

Resurrection Empowered Life – The Deposit Guaranteeing Our Inheritance

Two weeks ago we began to look at how Christ’s resurrection has already begun to have an effect on us. Today I would like to highlight the concept of having been sealed by the Spirit, and how this sealing is connected to Jesus’ resurrection.To Paul, the sealing with the Spirit is a foretaste of our inheritance, which surely includes our resurrection bodies. Thus, both our guarantee and the reality of it are provided for us because Jesus has been raised from the dead. I could write a lot about thi … [Read more...]

Lloyd-Jones Monday – Are We Pressing On To Know Christ?

In today’s MLJ Monday, the Doctor is urging us to not despise the experience God seeks to offer us. I have written a number of similar posts from his writings before, but I thought this one was well worth sharing — if only because it so strikingly challenges us today. ". . . in a most extraordinary way we seem to be excluding experience altogether. The slogan is, 'Take it by faith.' Of course, that is essential in your conversion — justification by faith only. And it is right to say to someone at … [Read more...]

Martyn Lloyd-Jones – Something Worth Fighting For, Part 4

Since it has been over a month since my last MLJ post, I will briefly review my previous posts in this series. As I have already indicated, the doctor's teaching on the subject of the Holy Spirit is that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is distinct from conversion. MLJ then discusses three Scripture verses that are commonly used by cessationists to refute this belief: Luke 11:13; Acts 2:37-39; and 1 Corinthians 12:13.In part 1, the Doctor outlined two principles. The first principle was that those … [Read more...]

MLJ Monday – Something Worth Fighting For, Part 3

We now come to the third and last verse that cessationists use to deny that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is an experience separate from conversion, and the verse to which Lloyd-Jones was most anxious to reply."For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink with one Spirit." (1 Corinthians 12:13)This verse, says the Doctor,"is the familiar argument [that] is being used . . . by those who do not … [Read more...]

MLJ MONDAY – Something Worth Fighting For, Part 2

Last week, MLJ addressed the first of three passages that are sometimes cited to refute the idea that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is distinct from conversion.This week the Doctor will address Acts 2:37-39. In this passage, Peter tells his hearers what they must do to be saved. It is the basis for my description of the normal Christian birth in a post I wrote on "the simple gospel". I also address it in the second post of my recent debate with Dan Phillips."Repent and be baptized every one of … [Read more...]

MLJ MONDAY – Something Worth Fighting For, Part 1

The baptism with the Holy Spirit is distinct from conversion. That is how one could summarise the Doctor's teaching on the subject of the Spirit. One perhaps unintended consequence of his ministry was that, in the introduction of this subject to reformed pastors, several of them went on to become reformed charismatic ministers, spawning groups like newfrontiers - which has been remarkably successful in the UK. Perhaps the Doctor is partly responsible for why the charismatic landscape in the UK … [Read more...]

ROUND-UP – The Holy Spirit and the Charismatics

I know some of you might think that all I ever blog about is the charismatic/cessationist debate and the gifts of the Spirit. At first sight, this list of over 90 posts might seem to confirm that. But, this list of posts amounts to only around 4 per cent of the total number of my posts so far. There is much more to this blog than the Holy Spirit, but as I can't seem to find time to write my new post series on this subject to answer Dan Phillips (I will do so eventually, honest!) - in the … [Read more...]