Blogging the gifts – an interlude on receiving the Spirit

One of my readers questioned me about my charismatic view of "a 2 stage receiving of the Spirit (if that's what you mean), but essentially one of the problems that I would have with that is that it is not a unifying experience. By it's very nature such a view creates a group of Christians who have had it and a group who have not. And that seems to me to need some serious scriptural backing when, as Stott says, it is proclaimed to be a unifying experience, some all Christians have."What I would … [Read more...]

What is a Reformed Charismatic?

UPDATESI have posted more about definitions of a Reformed position, and degrees of being a charismatic elsewhere.In January 2008, the following post was identified as the 7th all-time most popular post with readers of this blog. The 8th most-read post was my interview with C. J. Mahaney, who heads up Sovereign Grace Ministries.In this post I endeavor to explain that curious phenomenon—a charismatic Calvinist or "reformed charismatic." There was a time when we were considered an o … [Read more...]

Good news for the powerless – How the Spirit helps us change : blogging through Galatians

Good news for the powerless was the title of my sermon this morning. It was the forth in a series on Galatians. The audio is now up on my Church's website and concludes this series introducing Galatians.Previous sermon notes and audio are also available:Good news when doubts attackGood News When Feeling RejectedGood News - the end of rulesWe have been talking about legalism and grace. The Galatians had sunk back into legalism- something which we must beware of. There is more grace available for … [Read more...]

Has the Holy Spirit rushed on you?

It is interesting to note an ESV phrase for the activity of the Holy Spirit. He is decribed as rushing on people. I think you would know if someone rushed on you. This all seems rather apt for describing experience I and many of my charismatic friends share. It is also consistant with John Piper's view of the matter. I have previously gathered some thoughts and quotes on receiving the baptism with the Holy Spirit into one place that might be of interest to those following our … [Read more...]

Piper on Baptism with the Holy Spirit

Piper back in 1984 said some remarkable things about the Holy Spirit. which I think are of great interest and are surprisingly consistent with the veiws on the Holy Spirit I have quoted and outlined previously. Saying things like this Piper could almost be confused for a member of the charismatic church I attendNow the positive thing I want to say about the moderate Pentecostal teaching (represented by the Bennets) is that it is right to stress the experiential reality of receiving the Spirit. … [Read more...]

The Baptism with the Holy Spirit as a distinct experience and speaking in tongues

Blogotional disagrees with my thoughts on the Holy Spirit:"Adrain does a wonderful job earlier in his post of defending his assertions scripturally, but here I see no such back up. Save for the the Acts account of Pentecost, I see no evidence of a conscious and separate experience marking receipt of the Holy Spirit. Further I see no evidence that such an event will 'usually' be accompanied with tongues or prophecy."As far as both points, I think a swift perusal of the use of the word Spirit in … [Read more...]

Assorted thoughts on the Baptism with the Holy Spirit

This post is a gathering into one place of as many thoughts, verses and quotes on the Holy Spirit as I can find from my blog. I have posted much if not all of this before but here it all is together....Just to kick of with, I believe that the HS is given:1. To assure us of salvation2. To empower us to live godly lives since, "PRINT ON A PAGE CAN NEVER MAKE US HOLY ON ITS OWN."3. To make us more evangelistic (cf the boldness of Acts 2) 4. To give us giftsGal 3:13ff Christ redeemed us from the … [Read more...]

Full assurance of salvation, Holy Spirit Baptism, Heb 6 and 1 John

This is the kind of blogging I like best- me bouncing off David Wayne. Right now he's posting about the security of our salvation and how that relates to Heb 6. Interesting that like me he went through a quiet spell recently and has now decided to serialise some sermon material (see my "what kind of church changes the world" series)I linked the other day to an introduction to the introduction, one of the many similarities between David and I is that we both like to creep up on you slowly......He … [Read more...]

FINNEY'S experience of Baptism in the Holy Spirit

This is probably the best description of what I call the Baptism of the Holy Spirit that I can find. For those (charismatic or otherwise!) who claim to have all that the Holy Spirit has to offer, I issue this as a challenge. Have you experienced a life changing effusion of the Holy Spirit of such intensity as the one described below? If like me you still long for more of the Holy Spirit, perhaps that prayer "More Lord!" is one of the most important we can pray. Heres Charles Finney's testimony … [Read more...]