Spurgeon – We Know Jesus Rose From the Dead, Because the Spirit Tells Us So.

Other useful Easter resources:Did Jesus rise from the dead? I believe in Jesus: a sermon on the Trinity and the Resurrection A Good Friday Sermon A sermon on Jesus’ Resurrection and its implications for us (Romans 4:25)Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. So it seems appropriate to share a quote today from Spurgeon. This is in my forthcoming book "Raised With Christ, How the Resurrection Changes Everything."In an age of human pride, it is sad how much a purely intellectual a … [Read more...]

Good Friday Video – Life to Death

THAT'S EASTER Life to Death from St Helen’s Church on Vimeo.http://www.st-helens.org.uk/easter/This is a short film that takes a close look at what Good Friday is all about, and asks why the cross and Jesus' death is such a big deal for Christians. … [Read more...]

Raised With Christ and Lifted – Two Books On The Resurrection

Raised With Christ and Lifted - Two Books On The Resurrection from Adrian Warnock on Vimeo.Books on the resurrection are a little like buses. Wait ages for any to show up and all of a sudden two turn up at the same time. Here Sam Allberry and I speak about our books on the resurrection, and why we both agree this is such an important subject. If you are interested in more information on the resurrection this Easter, The Evangelical Alliance Slipstream site have some great podcasts on the … [Read more...]

Liam Goligher on Jonah 3

There are two miracles. One is God using Jonah. The second is God working in the city. Jonah has already seen God at work in saving himself, and the sailors have also been saved. Tomorrow we will see him at work in Jonah himself.There is a “giant test motive” everything in this book is on a grand scale. Huge task. The fear was great. The storm was overwelming and the city was humungous. The repentance was total. Its beyond our comprehension. It communicates that our sin is big, God’s mercy is bi … [Read more...]

Graham Daniels On The Parable of the Banquet Luke 14

A few things happened before we get to our passage. First Jesus heals someone with dropsy on the Sabbath, no less. Later, someone speaks to Jesus, and he just blanked him. Jesus sees to the heart. The message is that you accept a general invitation but when the specific invite comes you treat it with contempt.The master sends out for the poor, blind and lame. He is angry. They had said yes, but it was all a lie. Get out to the people who wouldn’t normally be invited. Make them come in. They are s … [Read more...]

Jonah 2 By Liam Goligher

At the beginning of his talk Liam confessed to his love of 24, which I share. At risk of making him as pleased as punch, I can report that people twittering from the event reckon he actually looks a bit like Jack Bauer! As soon as Jonah hit the water, the storm ended, and the sailors were safe. His God must be powerful, so they worshipped him. We see God’s salvation in operation in action in Jonah’s life.Salvation of JonahIntroduction of the big fish, and mentioned in the conclusion. In between t … [Read more...]

Don Carson on the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

Don began by explaining the importance of considering context of bible verses by using the phrase “there is no God.” Which of course is not an advocacy of atheism when seen with the preceding phrase “The fool says in his heart”The Good Samaritan is not merely saying that we should be kind to neighbours. We need to consider this in its immediate context and in its broader context. The teacher is trying to test Jesus and asks Jesus what he need to do to inherit. Yet an inheritance is a gift. The q … [Read more...]

Liam Goligher on Jonah 1

We decided to go to the second Bible reading this morning so we could catch at least some of the Formula One. As it started at 11-30am we were probably the only people in the world glad that the race got suspended when it did! (Though we only got to hear that the race was definitely stopped an Button had won by text which arrived on my phone while the notices were begin given!)There was an eager sense of anticipation in the room to listen to God’s word through Liam, who is a good friend of the E … [Read more...]

Richard Cunningham on The Parable of the Sower – Luke 7

God’s word and Men and women’s hearts were made for each other.Sowing Jesus knew how to sway a crowd. The seed falls on different kinds of soil. In a sense this is the most unsurprising story to a rural community. They know some seed doesn’t grow. Cant have been his most electrifying story on one level. He is sifting the crowd. Jesus does this often, for example when he told the crowd to eat is flesh! Why have we come to this conference? Are you hungry for him? For his word? Or do you just want … [Read more...]

Hugh Palmer on The Parable of the Nobleman – Luke 19

There are obvious traces of Jesus’ own story here. It is not an entirely original account, however. It is likely that it was loosely based on something that would be very familiar to Jesus’ hearers. Herod had gone to Rome to persuade the emperor to make him King. The Jews had send a delegation to protest. He had returned as king and massacred hundreds at the first Passover. This is a tale with lessons for the return of the King. 1. How to be a looser in the long run: Be a rebel in the short run. … [Read more...]