Good news for the powerless – How the Spirit helps us change : blogging through Galatians

Good news for the powerless was the title of my sermon this morning. It was the forth in a series on Galatians. The audio is now up on my Church's website and concludes this series introducing Galatians.Previous sermon notes and audio are also available:Good news when doubts attackGood News When Feeling RejectedGood News - the end of rulesWe have been talking about legalism and grace. The Galatians had sunk back into legalism- something which we must beware of. There is more grace available for … [Read more...]

Has the Holy Spirit rushed on you?

It is interesting to note an ESV phrase for the activity of the Holy Spirit. He is decribed as rushing on people. I think you would know if someone rushed on you. This all seems rather apt for describing experience I and many of my charismatic friends share. It is also consistant with John Piper's view of the matter. I have previously gathered some thoughts and quotes on receiving the baptism with the Holy Spirit into one place that might be of interest to those following our … [Read more...]

More on the charismatic debate

Cerulean Sanctum, Chis Daukas, True Grit and Gaddabout have blogged for the charismatic side. Posts from the other side seem rather sparse- I can only find one from David Wayne, and he doesnt really count as most people think he and I are the same person anyway! Meanwhile Rob continues to tirelessly keep us up to date with all the goings on.So really, it would be almost unfair of me to wade in with very much today, so I wont.... Its a shame that our cessationist friends seem to tire so easily. … [Read more...]

Lets get some things straight in the charismatic prophecy debate

PyroManiac is a wiley rascal. He is STILL trying to claim that he o so innocently had no thought of cessation in is head when he started his series on modern prophets. But, cessationism is so much part of him that he didnt even need to have the thought in his head for it to come out so clearly to those of us reading his blog! Later on, in his own post the clear truth of his underlying assumptions comes out - he couldnt supress it any more: So here's my challenge to those continuationists who … [Read more...]

GOD OR NOT : atheists and christians interact about proof

The only God or Not Carnival is up, and I have had some great comments from some of the atheist readers who no doubt wouldnt usually read my blog. For those of us who want to discuss and share our faith this is a fantastic opportunity which doesnt stop now- one of the posts has already had 100 comments. Please go read some of this stuff and and be gracious in your comments....some real good could be done.Here are a couple of extracts from the comments on my carnival entry so far that I wanted to … [Read more...]

Here's praying that the charismatic vs cessationist debate will enhance our Blogging community

Blogging is a format that permits the formation of community that crosses the boundaries we feel in the real world.The so-called on coming storm of the cessationist vs charismatic debate in some ways proves it. For, whilst I think Rob somewhat overstates his point, he is I hope and pray correct in his prediction. There is a real sense of community and trust among many theobloggers. Such trust leads me to be convinced that seriously and respectfully disagreeing with each other about something so … [Read more...]

Let the great charismatic cessationist blogger debate begin!

Those of you interested in following or contributing to the brewing debate may want to use the following Google Blogsearch feed as a way of keeping track of it.There has been little action yet but the comments section of my blog suggests that some bloggers are preparing themselves in the wings to join the action. There have been some great book recommendations also in the comments of some of my previous posts.Let the debate begin! Lets be nice to each other, OK? … [Read more...]

Convergence or divergence over spirtual gifts and cessationism?

Challies nails his colours to the mast on the charisma debate, making it clear where he stands in a review of a book by Sam Storms which advocates a convergence of Reformed people and Charismatics. As one who has already converged I think I would find this book interesting. Here's what Tim said:"While I admire much of Storms' ministry and have benefited greatly from reading some of his previous writings, and this book was useful in helping me understand how charismatic teachings are blended with … [Read more...]

Rubber prophecies prove nothing except some peoples gullibility

PyroManiac has been at the game of charismatic-bating. Citing examples of clearly erroneous prophecy he implies but then denies arguing that the charismatic gifts have ceased - although one gets the feeling that is coming up next! The comments were not as voluminous as I thought they would be, but one of them tickled me pink:"If I remember correctly, Martin Lloyd Jones believed in the gifts for today. C.J. Mahaney, Adrian Warnock, John Piper, highly respected men believe in the gifts for today. … [Read more...]

Can I lose my salvation?

A reader sent me an email and asked the following:Hi there, I stumbled upon your blog by accident (or was it predestined...?), by doing a search on Calvinism, and I've enjoyed reading it. I do have a question, though, and it goes like this:How can a person believe in the doctrine of "Once Saved, Always Saved", when in I Cor. 6:9-11 the Bible says,"Know you not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor … [Read more...]