Good News – the end of rules : blogging through Galatians

This mornings sermon on legalism and grace also addressed some of the issues on the atonement I have been speaking about. I would be interested to know what Richard and others would make of it. Here are my sermon notes, the audio is also available already-----------------------------------Good News- the end of rulesReligions the world over have one thing in common: rulesIf we are honest rules both attract us with their ability to give us certainty about what we should do and repel us because we … [Read more...]

The atonement discussion continues

Richard has replied to some of my posts on the atonement on his blog and doesnt answer my most critical questions. His comments throughout reveal a very heterodox view of the wrath of God in my book. First he speaks of God just somehow passively allowing evil to pass out of existence then he ends as follows:" Why do we, or God, punish! Is punishment and end in its self or it its goal something else? Is it not to impress upon the sinner the weight of the majesty that they have offended- The shear … [Read more...]

Spurgeon and mystery

Rebecca Writes: is doing Spurgeon quote month and has the following from the prince of preachers:"How is it that the Father is God, that the Son is God, and that the Holy Ghost is God, and yet that there are not three Gods, but one God? I cannot tell you. I know it is so, for it is revealed; but how it is so is not for us to guess, because it is not revealed or explained. Our understanding can adventure as far as the testimony, and no farther. Many attempts have been made by divines to find … [Read more...]

What must I believe to be saved?

My post entitled Arguing about the atonement has created quite a stir. In it I questioned whether people who do not believe that Jesus took their punishment might not actually be saved. I got a certain amount of flack for that, but please make sure you hear what I said correctly. I am not in any way claiming to be able to pass judgement on someone elses salvation, merely flagging up my concerns about how fundemental an issue this really is.It is also one thing for a brand new Christian not … [Read more...]

The dangers of being too scholarly

Back in June I was blogging on The new pespective on Paul and said something that has great relevance to our debates on substitutionary atonementI have a great deal of skepticism of any theological view that does not naturally arrise from the biblical texts. As helpful as scholars can be the bible was written for the common man. Much of it (especially the epistles) is a bit like listening to one side of a telephone conversation. But, God knew that when he designed the bible as a book for all … [Read more...]

The atonement: No punishment required?

Phil Johnson responds to some of our mutual commentators in a great post entitled No punishment required?. I always knew that Phil would somewhere down the line start quoting Spurgeon prolifficly. His blog is much the better for the quotes as well! Actually I can imagine Spurgeon himself owning a blog if he were alive today. He would I am sure be at least as proliffic as instapundit himself!Pyromaniac links to a fantastic sermon on the subject of penal substitution by Spurgeon which could … [Read more...]

Arguing about the atonement

It seems that some peoples mechanistic idea of the trinity "It cannot be separated in any way" is behind at least part of the disagreement with penal substitution which is rampant these days. Spurgeon would have had exactly the same things to say about the people today who deny the plain teaching of scripture that Christ bore in his body the punishment due for our sin. And yes, Steve Chalke is among the number of those who deny this teaching (follow the link for more information)Last night I … [Read more...]

Spurgeon on substitutionary atonement

Anyone would think Spurgeon had met Steve Chalke It is amazing how our battle never changes throughout the centuries. PyroManiac has done us a great service by finding this fantastic quote which I stand behind 100%"Those who set aside the atonement as a satisfaction for sin also murder the doctrine of justification by faith. They must do so. There is a common element which is the essence of both doctrines; so that, if you deny the one, you destroy the other.Modern thought is nothing but an … [Read more...]

Lecture on atonement

A reader suggests this lecture on the atonement … [Read more...]

Schreiner on penal substitution

HT and Kudos to Bluefish and Reformation 21 Blog:In 2006 InterVarsity Press will publish a book containing Four Views on the Atonement, edited by James Beilby and Paul Eddy (both of Bethel College in St. Paul). The contributors will be Greg Boyd ("Christus Victor" view), Bruce Reichenbach ("Therapeutic" view), Joel Green (all views are equally true), and Thomas Schreiner ("Penal Substitutionary" view).Professor Schreiner recently gave his paper at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. You … [Read more...]