New perspectives on Paul and penal substitution- more audio

Listened to a great talk from Phil Johnson today. It covers N.T.Wright, New Perspectives on Paul, Steve Chalke and the atonement in a very helpful way. Phil has excelled himself and if you are looking for a critical review of Wright then look no further than this talk.Carson has also got some good messages on this subject online. … [Read more...]

Disagreeing less than I anticipated

There seems to be an outbreak of grace hitting the blogosphere. An example of this that struck me earlier this month came from David Warnock. More recently, I have opened two cans of worms in two days and in neither case has the row that I feared developped. On gender and bible translations I decided not to comment myself in a rare moment of wisdom overcoming valour, and as requested there has been a gracious discussion in my comment box.Earlier today, I criticised the pyromaniac's … [Read more...]

Dying for the sins of the world, "Contradictions" and respect for the word of God

I tremble to contradict the pyromaniac, but I am afraid that I feel that his handling of 1 John 2:2 is almost certainly an example of trying to squeeze the bible into a doctrinal mould. In fact such exegetical gymnastics are only required for a view of the so-called "limited atonement" that I find totally alien even though I would describe myself as a five-point calvinist. It seems to me that it is not what you say you believe that matters most, but rather your whole approach to the bible. I … [Read more...]

A New Perspective on Paul – Theology at 30,000 Feet

I have blogged from the top of the Eiffel tower before, but this post was mostly written from the top of the world, although I could not post it until my return to the UK. I finally got a chance to listen to D. A. Carson on the New Perspectives on Paul during a flight in the last few days. Carson is engaging to listen to, and sheds great light on this important subject.Carson began by explaining that Stendall had begun the whole move by arguing that Westerners have read their own preoccupation … [Read more...]

It really is all about Jesus.

Many, many thanks to Broken Messenger who's otherwise somewhat embarrassing post introduced me to the iMonk who I am now ashamed to admit I hadnt come accross before. There is no doubt in my mind that this kind of service- introducing bloggers to one another is one of the greatest things any blogger can do- no matter how big or small a blog they host. One of the wonders of every single blog out there is that they act as some kind of network node linking blogs together that at least in the mind … [Read more...]

D.A. Carson on the New Perspectives on Paul – Neoliberalism or Fresh Insights?

Three lectures given by D. A. Carson at Reformed Theological Seminary on the "New Perspectives on Paul" can be found in an iTunes store RTS has set up in which many different lectures and talks can be downloaded for free. Carson's lectures are available in the RTS store under "Seminar Series." The RTS iTunes store can be reached here. (HT: Chris Roberts) … [Read more...]

Open Theism- just another form of neo-liberalism?

Sean does a great job of defining and dispatching open theism in one post. To me this is a great example of what I have been calling neo-liberalism. Remaking God in our own image was never a good idea. I challenge any emergant church or other reader of my blog who holds to that view to try and defend it biblically- I do not believe that you will find it very easy. As philosphically attractive as such an idea may appear at first sight, to my view it is just plain unbiblical and WRONG! So … [Read more...]

Full assurance of salvation, Holy Spirit Baptism, Heb 6 and 1 John

This is the kind of blogging I like best- me bouncing off David Wayne. Right now he's posting about the security of our salvation and how that relates to Heb 6. Interesting that like me he went through a quiet spell recently and has now decided to serialise some sermon material (see my "what kind of church changes the world" series)I linked the other day to an introduction to the introduction, one of the many similarities between David and I is that we both like to creep up on you slowly......He … [Read more...]

Can you loose your salvation? What does Heb 6 REALLY say

David of jollyblogger is preaching on Hebrews 6, the famous passage that is so controversial in the debate about eternal security. You simply have to go over and read his well thought out blog post on the matter. Just to whet your appetite..........the typical reformed exegesis which effectively neuters the passage's intended effect as a warning. What I mean is that reformed exegetes and others who believe in eternal security spend so much time jumping through hoops to prove what it doesn't … [Read more...]

Calling all Arminian Prayers

One of the great things about the blogosphere is that you can to use David Wayne's phrase "call out" people. Well, right now I call out all my Arminian readers out there and ask them to respond to this quote from Spurgeon. In his sermon NO. 52 "FREE-WILL A SLAVE" he claimed that the following was one of the strongest arguments for the veracity of Calvinism. I would love to hear the response of an honest Arminian to this rather interesting quote. Does it really settle the issue once and for … [Read more...]