Winning souls with the simple gospel

Its been too long since I have quoted Spurgeon here so time to remedy that with this fantastic quote from his book on soulwinning which I have just started to re-read online where it is available free:"if we do not teach men something, we may shout, 'Believe! Believe! Believe!' but what are they to believe? Each exhortation requires a corresponding instruction, or it will mean nothing. 'Escape!' From what? This requires for its answer the doctrine of the punishment of sin. 'Fly!' But whither? … [Read more...]

Is the simple gospel really calvinism?

Ales Rarus has now made himself really clear. I can understand what he is saying, but struggle to recognise it as Biblical. You see, Ales seems to have understood instinctively what many an Arminian has tried to deny- if we accept that man really has a totally free will, that gives man some of the credit for his salvation and also makes it insecure. I am not happy with that concept.His points are logical, but I beg to disagree with what he goes onto say:-"# God gave man free will so that we … [Read more...]

The simple gospel explained

I cant remember the last time one of my posts caused such a stir as my wife's simple gospel has done. It is amazing how much controversy the gospel can still cause. In this post I would like to do the rounds of what people have been saying and also restate the gospel in my own words. People keep saying that it was me who wrote those ten points- it wasn't.I will restate the gospel in a way that would probably not be understandable to a four year old but hopefully will make sense to most of my … [Read more...]

The simple gospel in 10 points

My lovely wife taught sunday school for 4-7s today (which includes our children Charis and Joel. She explained the gospel, summarising it into 10 points. If the kids can understand this, why is it that certain people want to make it more complicated and won't accept this as it is?1. Everyone has Sinned2. God hates sin3. Sin must be punished4. Jesus took the punishment instead of us on the cross5. Admit you have been naughty6. Believe that Jesus took your punishment7. Say sorry to … [Read more...]

Wrath and the atonement- the debate continues

everyday musings and wink have been debating in the comments section of the post I just linked to. It makes for good reading. … [Read more...]

A Christian worldview – more from Nancy Pearcey

The book Total Truth is proving very interesting indeed. Her central thesis is quite clearly described and is very well explained. If only the neo-liberals were as good at explaining themselves it would make our task of critquing and responding so much easier.Christianity is not a series of truths in the plural but rather truth spelled with a capital "T" Truth about total reality not just about religious things....Christians are called to redeem entire cultures, not just … [Read more...]

Attacking the atonement from the other side?

Wink over at Parableman seems to be keen to reject the notion of "substitution". Unlike some neoliberals he does accept that there is a punishment element to the cross. However he emphasises the verses that speak of our union with Christ in his death.Unfortunately attacking the notion of the atonement from this other side still has the same effect- ie the whole eddifice of evangelical doctrine comes tumbling down. You see he states "In Penal Union, it is true that we do not escape … [Read more...]

"Our understandings of the gospel constantly change" Brian McLaren

In the second foreword to Dan Kimballs book about the Emergent church Brian McLaren writesOur understandings of the gospel constantly change as we engage in mission in our complex dynamic world, as we discover that the gospel has a rich kalaidoscope of meaning to offer, yielding unexplored layers of depth, revealing uncounted facets of insight and relevance. No doubt as we look back and see ways in which our modern understandings of the gospel were limited or flawedI wonder whether this … [Read more...]

"The world changes but the word doesnt" – Rick Warren

Rick Warren wrote one of two forwards in Dan Kimball's book Emerging Church-vintage Christianity for New Generations. I am sure that Dan wouldn't mind me repeating that he believed he was at the more more conservative end of the theological spectrum of the Emergent Church. So perhaps he isn't a neo-liberal at all. Anyway, I intend to read his book and blog about it (although I suspect that if Nancy Pearcey's arrives before I finished it I may go onto hers in the interim!)Anyway Rick nails his … [Read more...]

What is a Liberal? What is a neo-liberal?

Jolly Bogger has an excelent post answering these questions - My blogging partner, Adrian Warnock has taken up a series of posts on what he calls "neo-liberalism." It took me a little looking to figure out exactly what he was talking about, but it appeared that he is dealing with the UK's version of the emerging church movement. In a private e-mail he confirmed that he is defining neo-liberalism as an attempt to accomodate the gospel to post-modernism, whereas liberalism was an attempt to … [Read more...]