DWELL – Second Q and A with Mark Driscoll

With the permission of Acts 29, I have been sharing videos of the recent Dwell Conference, which took place in London. This video is the second Q and A session and is well worth watching as Driscoll gets typically candid. If you prefer, you can download the audio.For more information about Acts 29 and other free resources, see their website or the Resurgence blog. … [Read more...]

DWELL – Mark Driscoll on Enemies of the Gospel

Thanks to the kind permission of the Acts 29 Network, I have been given permission to share a number of sessions from the DWELL London conference online on my blog. Today we begin with the first session, one preached by Mark Driscoll. You can download the audio, read my notes below, or watch the video here: Mark opened the conference, which was subtitled “Grace for the City,” by looking at the gospel and two of its enemies—religion and idolatry.The gospel is essential—you have to receive it an … [Read more...]

Bilingual ESV Bibles Provided Free During Olympic Games

This press release was just sent out from Crossway. It is great news and reminds us of the need to pray during these Olympic games.*****************************Wheaton, IL— China will provide 10,000 free Chinese-English bilingual Bibles to be distributed in the Olympic Village where the Olympic athletes and media are housed, as reported by the China Daily newspaper. The bilingual Bible text will include the CUV (Chinese Union Version) and the ESV (English Standard Version), appearing in two s … [Read more...]

A Church That Leaves You Hoarse

I wasn't the only one who found they had a hoarse voice when our service ended over at Jubilee, London last Sunday. As part of our worship we had a run of African-style songs, and as we sang, we began to relax a little and get a bit excited about our Lord Jesus. At the end of the planned sequence of songs something happened that has never occurred before. Spontaneously, worshippers began crying out, "MORE! MORE!" It was an amazing moment, and as some of the leaders joined in the calls, our … [Read more...]

DWELL – Q and A with Dave Fairchild, Steve Timmis and Scott Thomas

Hear Dave Fairchild, Scott Thomas and Steve Timmis answer questions in this session from the Dwell Conference in London. Once again this is a longer video and so is hosted by Google Video rather than Youtube. You can watch it below or download the audio here. The Q and A spoke a lot about the role of the wife in church leadership. … [Read more...]

Blaming Others For Our Sins

A few weeks back a guest writer over at Desiring God listed twelve sins for which we usually blame others. This is priceless—here are the first six. Please go and read the rest.AngerI wouldn’t lose my temper if my co-workers were easier to get along with, or if my kids behaved better, or if my spouse were more considerate.ImpatienceI would be a very patient person if it weren’t for traffic jams and long lines in the grocery store. If I didn’t have so many things to do, and if the people around … [Read more...]

DWELL – Should YOU be a Church Plant Leader? (20 Questions)

UPDATEScott has made available an article which expands on this talk and includes other lists of characteristics that leaders have cited as being important in a church planter.Thanks to the kind permission of Acts 29, I am able to share with you a number of videos of their recent DWELL Conference in London. I begin with one that is especially important for those of you who have come back from the conference excited, wondering what God may have in store for you. You can download the mp3 — or t … [Read more...]

SERMON – Living to Know Jesus (Philippians 3)

Yesterday I preached at Jubilee and thought, as usual, that I would share my notes and the audio here. But before I get to that, since it's Monday and my habit in "normal" times is to share a quote with you from Doctor Martyn Lloyd-Jones, this quote is a good one to begin with as, in many ways, it sets the scene for what I was preaching on. "What should we be seeking? We should always be seeking the Lord Jesus Christ himself, to know him, and know his love and to be witnesses for him and to … [Read more...]

VIDEO – In View of God’s Mercy

This little video was used for the New Word Alive 2008 conference and does a great job of summarizing the glorious message of the Bible, which is that God forgives fallen people like you and me! … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo Interviewed on the Subject of Grace

The Theology Network has just released the podcast of an interview between Mike Reeves and Terry Virgo on the subject of grace. It is well worth listening to. You can download it, or listen to it right here:HT — Dave Bish … [Read more...]