"Our understandings of the gospel constantly change" Brian McLaren

In the second foreword to Dan Kimballs book about the Emergent church Brian McLaren writesOur understandings of the gospel constantly change as we engage in mission in our complex dynamic world, as we discover that the gospel has a rich kalaidoscope of meaning to offer, yielding unexplored layers of depth, revealing uncounted facets of insight and relevance. No doubt as we look back and see ways in which our modern understandings of the gospel were limited or flawedI wonder whether this … [Read more...]

"The world changes but the word doesnt" – Rick Warren

Rick Warren wrote one of two forwards in Dan Kimball's book Emerging Church-vintage Christianity for New Generations. I am sure that Dan wouldn't mind me repeating that he believed he was at the more more conservative end of the theological spectrum of the Emergent Church. So perhaps he isn't a neo-liberal at all. Anyway, I intend to read his book and blog about it (although I suspect that if Nancy Pearcey's arrives before I finished it I may go onto hers in the interim!)Anyway Rick nails his … [Read more...]

What is a Liberal? What is a neo-liberal?

Jolly Bogger has an excelent post answering these questions - My blogging partner, Adrian Warnock has taken up a series of posts on what he calls "neo-liberalism." It took me a little looking to figure out exactly what he was talking about, but it appeared that he is dealing with the UK's version of the emerging church movement. In a private e-mail he confirmed that he is defining neo-liberalism as an attempt to accomodate the gospel to post-modernism, whereas liberalism was an attempt to … [Read more...]

Joel Edwards of the Evangelical Alliance comments further on the Steve Chalke debate

In a letter from the heart Joel Edwards says of Steve Chalke-Firstly, I am not convinced that Steve really has answered the plethora of key biblical texts dealing with the relationship between wrath, judgement and punishment. (Isaiah 53:1-11 and Romans 5:8-11 and the book of Hebrews for starters.) Apart from the concept of punishment, what can it possibly mean to say "the punishment that brought us peace was upon him,"? (Isa 53:5) These passages simply cannot be waved away by an emphasis on … [Read more...]

The Day God Turned His Cheek?

Leaving Munster asks "Can there be a non-violent atonement?". At least he explains a little what his understanding of the alternative could be to the classical view of the atonement.But to him, and to Wink (sorry, I havent had time to fully interact with Wink yet) I would just say at the moment, please interact with Romans, especially chapters 1 and 3 and make sense of them for me from your perspective. I will get around to interacting more fully in the coming days, and I hope that we can … [Read more...]

How do the Neo-liberals explain Nahum 1?

I have coined the phrase neo-liberals as I believe from what I have heard so far that there is a new move to make the church somehow more acceptable to today's culture. To preach what I might call Christianity lite (as in diet Coke). Christianity with certain baggage dumped conveniently by the side of the road. Interestingly the proponents of this neo-liberalism seem to differ on what they plan to dispose of. Wheter it is disposing of a sovereign all-knowing God replacing it with so-called "open … [Read more...]

Surely the neo-liberals can do better than this?

Stuart Murray Williams was a speaker in defence of Steve Chalke before he was censored by the EA. I thought I would read his article and give you the chance to- it is of course only fair having questioned (as has the EA) whether it is possible to take his view of the atonement and still call yourself an evangelical christian.The criticisms Steve Murray levels against classical penal substitutionary theory are all rational arguments rather than biblical expositions.There is always a danger … [Read more...]

Its all about you Jesus……calvinism and worship

Well, this Christmas the carnival of the reformation has asked us to post about the centrality of Christ the "sola christus". This is a request I am only too happy to comply with and helps bring a number of threads together that I have been posting on lately.The last thing I posted was a link to our series on the book of acts Any good bible student knows of course that this book should really be called the acts of Jesus as Luke introduces it in such a way as to make clear he believes that … [Read more...]

Calvinism- "so what" – how can I be sure I am saved?

One thing is for sure Calvinists don't have the exclusive on doubt about their salvation. An Arminian might well believe he could loose his salvation and therefore worry about how to be sure he didn't. A Calvinist might worry that he never had it in the first place!In this next series of posts I intend to look at reasons for assurance of salvation- What makes someone a Christian? How can I know I am saved? Can I know I am saved? There are several aspects to this, and I will post on a … [Read more...]

Laying down a gauntlet……Calling all arminians

Dont ask me why I feel like laying down this gauntlet, but I would love to here significant dissent out there. You know who you are pssing through thinking "thats not right". You see I want to move onto answering the question "so what" about all this doctrine and I will soon, but it bothers me that in all my arminian readers not one of them has really taken direct issue with any of my defininitions of the TULIP. Is that because I have been called close to both hypercalvinistic and arminian … [Read more...]