BBC London transcript

Here is a transcript of me speaking about Resurrection on BBC Radio London. The audio is also available.Presenter: So, today is Easter Sunday. Some consider it to be the most important date in the Christian calendar. Adrian Warnock is the author of Raised with Christ. He is one of the leaders at Jubilee Church in Enfield, and joins me to remind us of the significance of Easter. Good morning.Adrian: Good morning.Presenter: Great to have you. Jubilee Church, not one I’m familiar with. T … [Read more...]

An Easter Dramatic Reading

Yesterday as part of our Easter celebration at Jubilee, we also had the following dramatic reading: … [Read more...]

Adrian speaking about the Resurrection on BBC London

This morning it was a real delight to appear on BBC London, a popular radio station serving the whole city. Jumoke Fashola was the host and with their kind permission I am able to share the audio of our interview below. The rest of the program can be streamed on the BBC site (I am on around 1 hour 48 minutes), or you can follow Jumoke on Twitter. … [Read more...]

A Good Friday Sermon

Other useful Easter resources:Did Jesus rise from the dead? I believe in Jesus: a sermon on the Trinity and the Resurrection A Good Friday Sermon A sermon on Jesus' Resurrection and its implications for us (Romans 4:25)At Jubilee Church I preached yesterday's sermon.  Here are some notes from the sermon with some extra material woven in.Earlier today on Twitter somebody asked why people would wish each other a "happy" Good Friday. It begs the question why we even call the … [Read more...]

What is a Christian?

I believe it is very important that we broaden our definition of Christian, but at the same time narrow our definition of Evangelical. UPDATE: See also this post "How to become a Christian" Very often people confuse the two these days. The Evangelical movement has always been a movement within the wider Christian movement. Often it has been accused of believing that only other Evangelicals are really Christians. It is no wonder then, that some today do not like it when people suggest they are … [Read more...]

The one question atheists can't answer: "How do you live without hope?"

I have been following my friend Peter Saunders series of posts based on 20 Questions Atheists Struggle to answer. It is an interesting series, and in it he attempts to engage with a group who simply don't understand Christians. I am glad to see that the age-old craft of apologetics is far from dead. But there is one question he didn't ask that to me at least is the most critical:"How do you live without hope?"I have lived now for more than 41 years. This is easily long enough to realize that … [Read more...]

We grieve, but not in the same way as those who have no hope

This is going to be a very personal post, full of reflections on the death just yesterday of my Father-in-Law. But before I get into that, being me, I have to begin with a very important point of Bible understanding.  For I know that many Christians feel secretly guilty for the fact they are grieving.  They ask themselves, "why am I crying when I know that my loved one has gone to a better place?"I hope to reassure all of my readers who are currently in mourning, and every single one of you w … [Read more...]

Your dead shall live; their bodies shall rise

This morning I want to remind you of a glorious simple truth. It is the foundation of all truly Christian hope. It is the very centre of the gospel. Merely to announce that we are sinners and one has died for us is not enough. It never has been. No matter how accurate your doctrine of the atonement is, or how clear your view of Scripture, until you have made resurrection the very bedrock on which your life is built you are not living the truly Christian life.Romans 10:9 makes it very plain. To … [Read more...]

Raised for our justification – 6 ways Jesus' resurrection is involved in our being declared righteous

Romans 4:25 states Jesus was "raised for our justification."  It was a verse that got under my skin when I was studying to write my book Raised With Christ (which from this week is now also available in Logos Bible Format!) In an abridged section from a whole chapter in my book which deals with this verse, here is what I said about this pivotal verse:WHAT DOES “RAISED FOR OUR JUSTIFICATION” MEAN?In Romans 4:25 the Greek behind our English word “for” could mean either “because of” or “in order … [Read more...]

TODAY is Resurrection Sunday too

Did you have a great time at your church on Easter Sunday? Was there a sense of celebration in the air? Was there excitement? Joy? Maybe even a conscious awareness of the Spirit being poured out? Do you want to capture that vitality week after week? Then preach the resurrection every week. For the good news of Jesus' resurrection IS the Gospel proclamation. In the gospel is the power of God for salvation. And salvation is not just an intellectual response, it is a rebirth. In that rebirth, … [Read more...]