Saved through union with our risen savior

Someone recently shared a quote online from my book Raised With Christ. I thought I'd share it with you as a not-too-subtle reminder to consider buying someone a book about Easter this Christmas!Salvation is not merely a case of believing in something that happened thousands of years ago.  We are not saved by a belief.  We are saved by union with a person.  We cannot separate the propitiatory work of Christ from Christ himself.  We are saved not only by believing the fact that Christ died for … [Read more...]

A Glimpse of Eternity – Ian McCormack “The Jellyfish Man”

Last Sunday, Jubilee Church London had the real blessing of Ian McCormack visiting us to share his testimony. It truly is a remarkable story of being declared dead, an encounter with Jesus, a dramatic resurrection, and a transformed life. A while ago I had lunch with this man, and a kinder, gentler man I have never met. Many responded to the gospel at the end of this testimony at Jubilee. Only eternity will tell the full effects of this man's life story which he has told so many times now. Watch … [Read more...]

Future Glory – Final Part of a Sermon on John 2

3. Future gloryI am deliberately going to break every rule of exegesis and take a verse wholly out of context hear because I believe the balance of scripture tells us that God always keeps the best wine till lastIts a Glory that improves with age…its like wine we can taste.Jesus first miracle water to wine. That wine speaks of joy. One way tap into joy=== holys spirit peace and joy in the SpiritGeorge Whitefield as he preached on this miracle. "Whilst I am thinking, and only s … [Read more...]

The Glory Revealed – Part Two of a Sermon on John 2

This is the second part of my notes from which I preached the above sermon.2. Glory revealed / Active Glory: When the glory is present and powerful. A moment comes. A crisis in their lives. They know Jesus. And yet does something amazing. Provides wine. Takes away their shame before it really happens. Powerful thing when glory is active. Doing signs and wonders Still does them today.How does it happen? How do we connect to glory? Lets see how it happened this time, and we will see a … [Read more...]

Terry Virgo: Speak with confidence about the central things

Terry Virgo is continuing to share his series of video interviews with his son. Today I share here another video which addresses Terry's view of the Bible. Here is an extract from his words about things we must preach boldly and clearly: Present God in his person and character. Present Jesus without any disguise. We need the authentic Jesus. The fact that he is God and man. Be very clear about the trinity and these unchanging realities about God. People say he didn't actually rise from the … [Read more...]

Debating the resurrection with a liberal pastor

During my blogging break I appeared on Premier Christian Radio's Unbelievable?. I joined in a conversation with a church leader about whether the physical resurrection of Jesus really matters. It was refreshing to meet someone who did not believe in Jesus bodily resurrection , who unlike many neoliberals today, was at least willing to call himself a liberal. I encourage you to  Listen here and look at some of the other programs. … [Read more...]

New Video about "Raised With Christ"

Remember, the resurrection is not just for Easter. We should have Jesus' resurrection on our lips all year round as much as the cross. The first of these two newly released videos is the first in the online study guide that we are working on right now. It would be great if you could consider getting a copy of the book and join a group of us each week as we discuss it. These weekly discussions (which are conducted via Twitter) will help refine the study guide for future readers and groups of … [Read more...]

Join a "Raised with Christ" Online Study Group

This is from the Raised With Christ website: Adrian invites you to join in a “virtual study group” being held online via Twitter. If you don’t already have a Twitter account you can join very easily for free. Just like in any offline discussion group, please also interact with other people’s replies.  To make it easier to follow we will use a series of “hash tags”. Please use #rwc1 for general discussion and add a specific letter as below to discuss one of the questions below. Please also feel fr … [Read more...]

Peter, a face for grace

The following quote from Theology for Women inspired me this week as I have been thinking about the events of the Easter Sunday and beyond: The image of Jesus coming to Peter after the resurrection means much to me. As someone who has denied Jesus in my own heart enough to know the turmoil Peter must have felt in that moment, I love the thought of Peter’s eyes meeting Jesus’ for the first time after the resurrection. And I praise God that Jesus doesn’t condemn Peter. He is SO GRACIOUS with Peter … [Read more...]

How Jesus honored women through his death and resurrection

I share the following extract from Raised With Christ today because I am certain that no disciple could ever have thought about the death of Jesus without his or her sorrow being tinged with the wonderful joy of the resurrection. This quote shows how, in these pivotal events, Jesus chose to honor women: Matthew tells us that Jesus died more quickly than many victims of crucifixion, and his death was associated with some miraculous signs. “Jesus cried out again with a loud voice and yielded up h … [Read more...]