How not to hear “away from me I never knew you!”

Many.Let that word sink in a moment.Many.Not a few.Not a theoretical group.Not a hypothetical warning.Many.Notice how complacent they are.Feel the pride.They think they are in.Prophesying. Casting out demons, mighty works.Perhaps we could add preaching and leading.Maybe writing a blog.Doing things 'in Jesus name'Part of the 'in crowd'Looking terribly spiritual to others.But not to the Lord.No to the … [Read more...]

Jonathan Edwards on Unconditional Election

Jonathan Edwards masterfully argues that it is necessary that God determined that at least one individual would be saved, or else there would have been the risk that Jesus work would have been done in vain. The implication of this argument is of course that once you have accepted that at least one person was chose effectually by God to be saved, it is surely easy to believe that all Chrisitans were in fact chosen by God before the foundation of the world without anything in us cause him to be … [Read more...]

SERMON – A Song Of Hope – Psalm 121

On the 24th of August, I preached a sermon at Jubilee during our summer series on some famous psalms. I took Psalm 121, which served as a starting point for me to share some of the most important planks of my personal doctrinal framework—a framework that has sustained me through hard times.As blogging around here at least begins to return to normal—if there is such a thing at—I thought I'd share both the audio to download and a condensed version of the message below. You can als … [Read more...]

Credit God, Blame Man, Or Why Double Predestination is Error – Charles Simeon

Last week, as you may know, I preached on Jacob. During my preparation I was, not surprisingly, taken once more to the glorious doctrines of grace—the so-called "TULIP." Jacob is used in Romans as a supreme example of God's free grace.This post is part of a mini-series highlighting quotes from others on each of these five points of Calvinism. It will also provide links to some old posts I wrote on Calvinism. We began the series with a quote that claims the doctrine of total depravity helps your m … [Read more...]

SERMON – Jacob, the Missional Rebel

I preached the following sermon at Jubilee Church, London yesterday. You can read the notes, download the audio, or listen to it right here:HEROES—At the outset I should warn you that Jacob is not your typical biblical hero. We often go to the Bible to learn about how to behave. We want to read about great men of God who we can model ourselves after. We want to learn how to behave, how to be a good father, a good husband. Jacob is not that kind of hero. Actually it is fair to say that none of t … [Read more...]

Calvinistic newbie

My friend Dave Routlege shows his calvinistic training in his commentary about the history of his blog (which I helped him set up) arose. Astute readers will notice the correspondence to the five points of calvinism which cannot have been accidental (for more on the five points of calvinism follow the links at my post on Calvinism and worship. Anyway here is what Dave said:1.I was totally incapable of setting it up myself. (Total depravity)2.I did nothing to deserve it. (Unconditional … [Read more...]

More on Unconditional election, "double predestination" and the wills of God and man

JOLLYBLOGGER has now posted on Unconditional Election, which he posted after my own post on the same subject.As usual he does a great job- a much better one than I- but as is my want I will once again be slightly nit-picking. This is not so much because I think he and I really differ on this, but rather to make the point clearer for some of our readers.I was a little surprised by the quote that he uses to describe Election, since it seems to say that God has chosen people both for salvation … [Read more...]

U – Unconditional Election (Five Points of Calvinism, Part 2)

I hope David will forgive me but I am going to be very naughty and jump ahead of him on my uninvited tagging allong on his TULIP series. I will not do as good a job of explaining this as he will, but we do seem to spark off each other quite well. Consider this a primer for the masterly post he will no doubt put up fairly soon.I have been speaking quite a lot about "free will" lately and that leads nicely to this subject. My point about the limits to our will is really important to understand … [Read more...]