Conclusions on the Egalitarian vs Complementarian debate

I did briefly consider writing a whole series about the gender issue following on from my debate with Rachel Held Evans and Owen Strachan, as well as two other recent posts here on my blog:Gender Roles – A Complementarian and Egalitarian Spectrum Bible verses that speak to gender roles or complementarian vs egalitarian spectrum – what do Scripture Passages say?I had wondered about dealing in detail with the arguments of Rachel Held Evans in her series entitled Mutuality 2012.  Howe … [Read more...]

“I’ll never give up. You’ll never let go” a pick me up by my wife, Andree Warnock

My darling wife has written what I think is a rather nice poem. Tell her what you think of it in the comments section: Let love and mercy Never leave me Your wisdom and strength Be mine Give me the hope That never fails Give me the wind That fills my sailsI lift up my head And everything changes I think of your majesty Throughout the ages There is a reason For every season To glorify you In meOh quiet my heart And make me still I see that my cup Isn’t empty but full It’s overflowing With eve … [Read more...]

One-Third Of Adults Under 30 Have No Religious Affiliation

Today I read the following article, which underlines the idea that demographically, it seems the USA is catching up the UK. Perhaps, however, as more and more people conclude it is no longer "cool" to attend Church, what we are already seeing on both sides of the Atlantic is that those who choose to stay are taking their faith commitment more seriously. The church will of course survive this downturn as it has every other before. "The number of Americans who do not identify with any religion … [Read more...]

Why loving Muslims need not lead you to compromise your Evangelical faith

It is of great encouragement to me that an idea that is both in many ways rather unremarkable, and yet sadly seems quite revolutionary,  is gaining traction in many different places. This is simply the plan that we should befriend, serve, listen to, and generally too good to people from other faiths and none, whilst all the time making clear we still believe what we do. In a way it is simply a restating of old principles like "freedom of religion" and "free speech."  I suppose the slightly r … [Read more...]